Review Skinomi® TechSkin – Amazon Fire Screen Protector 7″

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Unfortunately I had a really bad experience with it! This is the stickiest screen protector I’ve ever encountered!! When I say stickiest, I truly mean extremely, crazy, super duper sticky! It’s very messy and I  actually had to rip this thing off with a really hard jerk to remove it! I was mailed one as a free sample to test and review. Originally I was excited to get a free screen protector for my toddlers Amazon Kids tablet and this would have fit perfect but sadly I had to throw mine in the trash because it was ruined! I’ve never encountered a screen protector that I only had one chance to apply it and it can’t be peeled up and reapplied. Oh well, I got a free bottle of screen cleaner and a little cleaning cloth out of the deal. Maybe you’ll have better luck. As for their claim of anti-bubble… I don’t even know what to say about that because their was nothing anti-bubble or wrinkle resistant about it! I’m glad I didn’t spend money on this and NO I wouldn’t recommend it! If your interest in purchasing this lovely screen protector for your Amazon Fire you can find it on Amazon HERE!2

Review of tthe CSCS Advanced Pure Hyaluronic Acid Face Serum

First off let me say I’m extremely impressed with the price! I’ve reviewed several Hyaluronic Acid Serums and this one is by far a steal of a deal! You get an entire 2 oz bottle for only $13.95!!! When I got mine in the mail the first thing I noticed was the perfectly silky texture that I love so much. I’ve tried a few HA products that were actually watery which I’m not fond of. The reason I love this texture so much is because just one drop is enough to cover your entire face an neck because it’s so slick and it doesn’t leave any kind of sticky residue. It comes in a beautiful dark cobalt blue bottle to protect the serum from the light. If it wasn’t in a dark bottle to prevent light from getting to it then it would degrade the potency of the product. After using this serum day and night I noticed a drastic difference in the fine lines around my eyes and the edges of my lips. The beauty of HA serum is that it works right away and you can see the difference immediately which I LOVE! My bottle was mailed to me as a sample so that I could try it for myself and review it. After trying it I’m thrilled with it and will be ordering it again! I really like that it’s pure HA serum, it’s a nice size bottle; it’s made in the USA, and has the perfect texture! If you’re interested in purchasing this product you can find it on sale at Amazon for only $13.95!

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Mommy Monday Review of the Peptide + Intense Eye Recovery Serum

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Today I wanted to post my personal review of the Peptide+ Intense Eye Recovery Serum and tell you how much I love it! I ordered this product to try on my lovely sweetie! My husband who works long hours and gets very little sleep because he’s a physician has the nastiest or should I said HAD the nastiest dark circles under his eyes!!! I’m not kidding either they were extremely bad to the point they were actually purplish black! I ordered this eye serum for him and just about over night they were so much better and almost gone. It’s helped about 95%, which in my opinion is a huge difference. This stuff is magic in a tube and they now have a new customer because I’ll be ordering more for him when the tube runs out! The packaging is an odd choice for a tube but it does the job. The product isn’t in a regular type pump bottle like most eye creams. Guess the company wants their product to stand out. I got my tube as a sample so we could try it and report on our results, which were positive by the way! Lick I said before, the tube it comes in is a bit odd. If your interested in purchasing this eye serum or reading other reviews about it you can find it on Amazon by clicking HERE!


Review of the Smart Weigh Digital Multi-function Stainless Steel Food and Kitchen Scale

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I cannot lye; I LOVE the Smart Weigh Digital Multi-function Stainless Steel Food and Kitchen Scale!! The look and quality are far more superior to most anything you’d find in your local store! It’s a totally compact sleek stainless steel scale that fits in perfectly in any kitchen or office. It measures only 7.4×8.5×0.5 inches and stores easily in small spaces or looks great sitting out with its gorgeous stainless steel finish. It is very easy to clean and comes with the 3 AAA batteries included which were already installed in the battery compartment which I personally though was a bit odd because normally batteries are wrapped separately and when you open the box you unwrap them and put them in yourself. When you get the scale, take it out of the box and just pull the clear tab and it will come on instantly and is ready for use. One of the really amazing things about this scale is that it measures in grams, pounds, ounces, milliliters, and even fluid ounces depending on which setting you choose. With a press of a single button you can easily cycle threw all the different measurement choices. My scale was mailed to me as a product sample so I could test it out and report on it by writing a product review. Another huge plus to this kitchen scale is the large, easy-to-read, backlit LCD screen that’s can come in really handy for someone with any kind of vision issues. You can even zero out any containers or items placed on scale before weighing so you don’t end up adding in the weight of the container or plate. It also has an automatic shut off after 2 minutes to preserve the battery life and it even has a two-year warranty.

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