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My Personal Review Of The Ska Studio’s Waist Trainer

This is my first waist trainer & I’m absolutely loving it! I just got it in the mail a few days ago and I was asked to test and review it. Well, it’s made of an extremely soft stretchy material, supports me snuggly yet not so tightly it’s hurting me like a corset. After doing some research I’m really liking the fact that is doesn’t have a velcro closure but instead it clips closed using eyelets! I read the Velcro can slip and scratch your skin. It promotes a good posture which helps with my lower back pain from carrying my baby on my hip. I’m able to wear it discreetly under my clothes and I swear to you, I look 5 lbs lighter! I also like that it’s the 1st product I’m come across so far that has an official made in Columbia label on it so we know it’s imported from Columbia. Hmmmmm… maybe that’s the Secret to why Colombian women are so pretty! I had no idea using a waist trainer could make such a visible difference & I honestly have no plans to take it off unless I’m in the bath tub! LoL it’s exactly what I needed for working out and doing cardio in. Although I do like the black I plan on buying a flesh colored one because it will blend under my clothes even better than the black will because I don’t tend to wear lots of dark colored clothes. I do have to admit, I did notice the first time I put it on that it pushed my skin up and over the top giving me a back roll but after putting on my bra that fixed it. I was given this Ska Studio’s waist trainer free to put threw my own personal product testing so I could personally review it for myself. I’ll be updating this post as my results progress! If our interested in trying it for yourself you can find it HERE

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