Who wants a free sample of Persil ?


Get your free sample of Persil Pro Clean Laundry Detergent by simply requesting a sample HERE. Enjoy!

How to get REALLY GOOD free samples in the mail from PinchMe!

2So, I thought today was going to be like any other day. Wake up, eat breakfast, get the baby dressed and walk to the mail box to collect the junk mail and bills like normal. Well, I’m happy to announce I found a really nice surprise instead! My PinchMe box came and it was packed with sample! Yay for me! How exciting! What is PinchMe? It a really cool sample service that’s totally FREE! That’s right, I said FREE! Companies send provide samples of their products to distribute to the public and all you have to do is request them. To do this all you have to do is head over to the PinchMe website by CLICKING HERE and register for a free account. Don’t worry, they won’t spam your email or mailing address. I’ve actually been a member for a few years now and love the site! Here are some pictures of what I found in my PinchMe box when I opened it. Remember your mileage may vary meaning it’s first come first serve and each month the samples are different.

So far my favorite goodie from the box is the Blistex Bliss Flip lib balm! I love the packaging and the packaging is so convent! It feels really nice when I apply it to my lips and there is no cap to get lost.

Oh course I love the Tide pods! Who doesn’t love Tide! Just toss one of the pods in your washing machine with your clothes and turn the machine one. These work with front or top loaded machines because they are the “he” type. Of course you should always keep any cleaning product out of reach of children but take special caution with pods when children are in the home because they are very attractive to little ones.

Next I got a sample size jar of Pond’s anti wrinkle cream in the mail! At 38 a girls got to start thinking about these things! The sample jar includes a really generous size amount of the product which is really nice. I hate samples that are really small and have one use of the cream or whatever the sample is. I actually throw those in the trash because personally I don’t think their worth my time. Don’t tell anyone I said that.

The Scotch Brite cleaning cloth came at just the right time because I was actually needing to purchase some dish rags so I’m really happy about that. The quality of this one is really nice! I tried this when wiping down my leather couches to get the dog hair off and it did a really good job. Next I tried it on the kitchen counters and the stove and I was happy with that too. In other words It can be used for more than just a dish cloth.

The Sinful Shine top coat I really like a lot! Not only was it a full size sample but it left my nails extra glossy! Very nice! The packaging is attractive too.

What I really like about being a PinchMe member is that you get a few things in your sample box and not just one item. To get your free box head over to their website and hurry and sign up before Sample Tuesday. That’s when they post the samples and they do go fast so that’s why it’s best to have your account ready and waiting.