Hylands Law Suit – you may be entitled to a refund!

If you bought any Hylands baby or children’s products between March 2008 to March 2017 you are entitled to a refund and you don’t need a receipt to file your claim. Get a refund from Hyland for up to 2 products without a receipt. If you have receipts you can claim as many as you have.

To file your claim GO HERE and choose I do not have a claim number.

If you are wondering why there is this settlement, this is why:

The lawsuit claims that Hyland’s made false & misleading statements about the effectiveness of some of it’s homeopathic products for babies & children. Hyland’s denies these claims.


That one added feature that saved the lives of so many children

Pretty much everyone has heard of ballpoint pens. But hardly anyone has put much thought into why the cap is designed the way it is, am I right?
The BIC company unveiled this design to the world in 1991 which remained completely unnoticed by the majority of people! What was changed? Well, there is now a small hole in the top of the cap of the extremely popular Cristal Pen. Many people didn’t even notice the innovation.

Yet, the decision to switch this design has saved the lives of large numbers of toddlers & small children (including a few adults). More than a hundred children in fact. We all know how much small children love putting just about everything they touch or pick up in their mouths and no matter how hard we try to keep them safe, we as parents are human and we do miss things or somehow our children manage to outsmart us no matter how hard we try with our baby proofing efforts.

A pen cap can very easily get lodged in the windpipe of a child. If such an awful situations were to arise, that little hole in the cap helps get just enough oxygen to the child providing valuable time for the paramedics to rush your little one to the emergency room.

REVIEW Cutie Lunch Baby Food Pouches BPA Free

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These are wonderful!! I didn’t think much of them till I finally tried one. I love using pouches for food but it’s a lot more cost effective to purchase baby food in the jars. I know most people use re-usable pouches because it’s less in landfills or they want to feed their baby homemade organic foods. Personally, I use them for convenience and cost. To give you an idea of the size of these pouches it fits one jar of Gerber baby food perfectly without spilling out when you try to close. What ever you do, don’t over fill these or you’ll have a mess on your hands! When filling them make sure the caps on, turn the pouch upside down, open the bottom as wide as you can and carefully pour or spoon the food in the center as to not get any on the zip lock style closure so you’ll have a nice clean seal. I’d also like to point out that these are BPA-Free, dishwasher safe, freezer safe, Eco-friendly and practly mess free! They are not microwave safe though so be sure not to microwave them! I love using the ChooMee Brand nipples with these! It makes for the perfect pair turning these into a mess fee feeding. When using these with a nipple it’s the perfect pair!! Mine were mailed to me as a sample so I could try them out and post my personal experience. I totally love that these pouches are clear so I can see what’s in them and they are so easy to clean! If your interested in the Cutie Lunch Food Pouches you can find them HERE!



Review Of The Teethy Fruits Teethers


Today I wanted to talk about the Teethy Fuits Teethers by Baby Grips Products! i was mailed a sample free and asked to review them. Their teethers ate made of silicone, BPA free and perfect for little hands to hold! my teething baby loves nawing on the soft textured graps and uts the perfect side for her little hands! 


My New Elly The Elephant Teething Necklace For My 8 Month Old – REVIEW


I received this Elly The Elephant Teething Necklace in the mail to test and review and I must say I LOVE this teething necklace a lot! I wear a teething necklace every single day if not 2 at once! It keeps my 8 month old girls little hands busy! If there not busy then she has to much time on her hands and she will pinch me, scratch me, pull my hair, bruise me, well you get my point. I not only wear this when nursing which it HELPS A LOT to keep her hands busy. I also wear it when I’m just holding her. I strongly believe every mommy should own at least one teething necklace if not a whole collection of them! That’s how important they are! An added perk is that it keeps her teething toy from falling on the floor and it holds up to those brand new sharp baby teeth. When I’m pushing her in a shopping cart or stroller and I need to hand her a toy I just take the teether off my neck and hand it to her. What a wonderful idea! I have so many teething necklaces in different colors and styles I could fill a jewelry box with just teethers. No kidding! I did get lucky and was given a discount on this teether and asked to test and review it. My little one took it from my hands right away after opening the package when it showed up in the mail today so I’d say it pasted her test! It’s a keeper! You can find my full review on Amazon here!

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