I got some freebies in my mailbox!

It’s always so much fun going to the mailbox to find freebies every day! Today I got a free copy of the April addition of HGTV Magazine, a bottle of Good Virtues Co. Happy & Heavenly Healthy Hair & Scalp Shampoo, a sample of the new Truvia Nectar Sweetener and coupons for MarkTEN XL e-Vapor device kit for only $1 and refills for only $1. I’ll be giving the e-Vapor coupon away because I don’t need it.

Free Sample Of Truvia Packets and Truvia Nectar

sample_products.pngRequest a free sample of Truvia packets and Truvia Nectar. To get both you have to check the box requesting both. There are 3 options (truvia packets, Truvia Nectar or Truvia packets AND Truvia Nectar).

CLICK HERE to request yours!

Want a #Free #Sample Of #Splenda #Naturals ?

Want a free sample of Splenda Naturals? Just follow this link —–> CLICK HERE


 A Treat For Mom

Want a #free #sample of #SPLENDA #Naturals #Stevia Sweetener? #freebie

I’m pretty impressed with this one! New Splenda Naturals is offering free sample. CLICK HERE to get yours or just click the image.

Valentine Pink Silicone Baking Bundle Review #MuffinPan #gotitfree



This is a really nice Valentine baking bundle BrilliantChef! They were kind enough to send me a free set to try and I love the silicone baking pan but with the set included 2 pans instead of just one because I bake my cup cakes in batches on twos but that’s ok! The cup cake liners and silicone spatula are a very nice touch. I didn’t get a chance to use the silicone brush as of yet because I did not apply an egg wash to anything yet. When I was done baking everything popped out easily without sticking, the pan rinsed off easy and then I was able to actually roll the pan up and stuff in in a drawer with my other silicone baking pans. The best part is that it’s on sale 50% off in time for valentines Day? It’s normally $29.97 but today is only $14.97! That’s a savings of $15!! You can order here

[Sample provided for review]

She Stole My Twix! Baby’s First taste Of Chocolate! It’s Like Baby Crack!

It was so funny how she grabbed it from my hand. Once she tasted it.. It was over. There was no getting it from her little fingers!