GIVEAWAY! Enter to win a Step2 McLaren 570S Push Sports Car!

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Enter to win a Step2 McLaren 570S Push Sports Car for your cute little one or grandchild!

Step2 has collaborated with McLaren Automotive, British manufacturer of luxury, high performance sports and supercars to launch the officially licensed Step2 McLaren 570S Push Sports Car, a toddler-sized push car version of the McLaren 570S Coupe. Use the form below to enter to win a McLaren 570S Push Sports Car before it’s available for purchase in early September.

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Exclusive 20% Off Coupon For Groovy Baby Products! Just in time for Christmas!

Oh, how nice! Hurry on over to Amaxon and score 20% off Groovy Baby products using the 20% off discount code: momart20

This code will work on the Deluxe Groovy Baby Stroller Organizer that I reviewed last month

As well as their My First Years Baby Photo Frame, which is currently already on sale for only $28.97 marked down from $34.99!! Both of which would make a really nice Christmas, Hanakkah, or baby shower gift!


Review of my favorite stroller organizer by Groovy Baby

This stroller organizer is GREAT! It has really nice strong Velcro straps that fits around any stroller and it has two different setting (placements) to fit higher or lower on your stroller depending on your preference or maybe you may just have a really wide stroller. You can see what I’m talking about by watching the video review I attached. There is a nice mesh pocket in the front that’s big enough to fit an ipod or some of the smaller size smart phones (iPhone 5 or below for a size reference). There’s a very nice extra large pocket in the front that is also a removable zipper pouch that can be used to replace a small purse if your like me and refuse to cary a purse and a diaper bag. This zipper pouch can be used in place of your purse and tossed in the diaper bag when not using the stroller. This organizer also features insulated cup/bottle holders that are actually insulated! You’ll also notice it has a privacy storage compartment located on top that secures shut so you don’t have to keep emptying out the organizer every time you put your stroller away. You won’t have to worry about anything you left in it falling out in the back of your car when you pack your stroller up or pull it out. There is a medal frame built into the top of it so it holds it’s shape and the bottom is flexible so you won’t have to worry about it getting in the way when you fold your stroller up. I’d also like to add that this is a quality product with really nice stitching so it won’t fall apart on you. If your interested in purchasing the Groovy Baby Stroller Organizer I found it priced the lowest HERE!

Take You Riding In My Car! 

Today I’m reviewing the Radio Flyer Sit & Stroll Stroller Car & it’s a hit!  I bought this stroller from the Walmart website and did NOT get it free in exchange for a review. I just wanted to let anyone interested in one of these Radio Flyer cars know my thoughts about it.  Not only is this Radio Flyer Stroller as cute as a button & gets hundreds of comments on how cute it is but amazingly the baby LOVES sitting in it and doesn’t cry to be carried like she normally does! Yay for Mommy’s back!! There is one flaw but it’s not “huge”. The 2 front wheels turn side ways when making a turn (as they should) BUT they don’t return to the front facing position after (as they should) so I do have to nudge them back in place using my toes. A quick nudge fixes it. I’m going to zip-tie it in place under the hood so it won’t show. I’m hoping that fixes it. The other way around this issue is just tip the car/stroller up when making a turn picking the front wheels up slightly off the ground. Either way, I still love love love this toy car stroller!!! It’s a hit and my little one is entertained for hours with it. I’d also like to mention that the box says its for ages 1 1/2 to 3 years of age BUT my 7 month old rides in it great! She sits up well and it has a seat belt that adjust for really small sizes. There’s also a floor board to protect her little feet from dragging on the cement. I really like the fact that the floor board can slide under the car out of the way (once she’s old enough) proving storage space for smaller items. The storage area can easily fit a pack of baby wipes, cell phone, soda or water bottle. 


REVIEW Of The Radio Flyer Steer & Stroll Coupe Ride-On Stroller


Well today I bought our 7 month old the Radio Flyer Steer & Stroll Coupe Ride On in pink! Let’s just say this stroller toy is a home run hit in this house! We like to take about an hour walk around the neighborhood and my little one cries to be held because she likes being held more that she like riding in her stroller. To my pure amazement she didn’t cry once in this thing because she was so buying playing with the steering wheel, beeping the horn, playing the radio & just enjoying the ride! It has a really nice seat belt too. I own a $300 plus dollar stroller and she’d rather ride in the toy car I got on sale marked down from $109 to $45 from the Walmart website. Well, that’s ok I guess! What Mommy really loves about the Radio Flyer Steer & Stroll is the floor board that I can slide back under the seat to become a storage compartment or remove and the retractable handle. I don’t have to worry about her feet dragging the cement and when she’s older I can remove the floorboard and lower the handle so she can move the car herself with her feet. Another thing I’m loving about this car is she’s sooooo cute in it! It’s hard to stop taking pictures of her in it!