Review SHABA Smart Bluetooth Speaker with Selfie Remote control


Check out this little beauty of a Bluetooth speaker

I was sent this really cool portable Bluetooth speaker to review on my blog and I can tell you it’s love at first sight! This bluetooth speaker is about the size of an egg. For its size, it provides excellent quality audio output, both in terms of quality and volume. As far as audio quality, it packs a punch too.  Other than just playing audio via Bluetooth, it has some other pretty cool features as well. It has a built in selfie button, that allows you to prop your camera up and take a picture using the speaker as a remote. There is a speakerphone capability that allows hands-free communication through your phone and a LED light that makes it easy to use in the dark! And aside from all that, it’s super stylish!

The best part is that it’s currently on a HUGE sale! Normally it’s $55.99 but right now you can score it for $15.98 !

GO HERE to take advantage of this deal because it would look really nice in someone’s Easter Basket or even a sweet gift for yourself!