Calling all babes! Who loves shimmer?! *Giveaway*


Calling all babes!

Enter the Frank Body Shimmer Giveaway! You can see the prizes listed below. The more friends you refer to this giveaway the better the prize you’ll get! CLICK HERE to enter!

Frank Body Giveaway Prizes

The lovely lady who refers the most friends scores a huge Party Pack!

What’s in the Party Pack?

Something to deck out you and your four best babes:

Personalised jackets from Dr Denim, designed by Hatrik Vintage; sunglasses from The 5TH; sneakers from Stylerunner; holographic bags from; and Shimmer Scrubs & Patch Packs from me.

I’ll even throw in a $300 Fashion Bunker Voucher for the lucky babe.

Stuff to read while you’re getting ready to party.

What are you waiting for? Go here to ENTER!

Cosmetic Bage GWP

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What’s in my shopping bag! Becca #MakeUp Review!

 Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector
At 38 I pretty much have my beauty routine established but after hearing Lisa Eldride repeatedly gushing over Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector I had to try it for myself! I decided to go with the shade called Opal because it’s more natural and the Pearl seemed to light for my skin tone (it’s almost white). Well, I can now officially say this stuff is AMAZING! I use it for strobbing which in my opinion is the new contouring! It can also be added to your moisturizer, applied as a primer or mixed with your foundation to create a beautiful all over dewy look. This new product will defiantly find a new home in my makeup drawer! Because it’s a game changer! Although it is a bit pricy I think my face it worth it. This is defiantly a product worth splurging on! I was going to purchase the full size bottle priced at $41 but I found a travel size for $15 at the register and it has a very generous amount in the tube (20ml). I decided to start with that size sense I was spending close to $200 on new makeup. I would like to point out that if you have oily skin you may not like this product and the same if you have breakouts. I was told it highlights the blemishes. From what I understand it works best with normal to dry skin types.

 Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Lip Stain + Shine
I purchased this lip stain in a beautiful neutral shade called Honeymoon Honey! It’s a beautiful color and it was love at first sight, then I had to have it! I did expect it to last longer than it did but it still outlasted other lip stains I’ve tried without drying my lips. The package claimed that it would last 14 hours. Being a new mom, I simply do not have time to keep reapplying lip color! One side is made like a marker and that’s exactly what it feels like when you’re applying it to your lips! It dried really quickly which is a huge plus! I’ve tried other lip stains that stayed wet way to long. The other side is a gorgeous lip gloss to apply over the stain once it’s dry. Another nice point about this lip stain is that it’s vegan meaning no insects were crushed in the making of this gloss! Retails for $22.

 Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed
The shade (Champagne Pop) I purchased, is a limited edition, so of course I had to have it! It’s simply gorgeous! I’m totally in love with the color because it’s not overly shinny and gold but just enough for everyday wear without looking like a clown. I’ve had a very hard time finding a pressed highlighter that I like so I haven’t purchased one in a very long time. This one blends in very well and I love the application! But be forewarned that the makeup inside has been known to crack/crumble if the compact is handled to rough so this may not be a good product to carry in your purse. It retails for about $38.

 Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector
This is a great product for Mommy’s because no matter how much sleep you got or didn’t get a quick pass of some of this under your eyes and you’ll look refreshed and awake! !! I highly recommend it because it certainly works like a magic charm! It has a nice creamy texture and it glides on smooth and blends extremely well. It Retails for about $29.

 Becca Beach Tint Shimmer Souffle’
I’ll start by saying this smells AMAZING! It has a creamy smooth texture and complements the cheeks nicely! I love the smooth texture! It also doubles a a lipstick or can be used on the eyes so it can perform triple duty which is always nice! It does what it says and last all-day. It doesn’t collect in the creases either which is really nice! What I love about this product is how fast it applies and gives cheeks the perfect glow! It retails for about $27.

 Too Faced Natural Eyes Neutral Eye Shadow Collection
I don’t like to wear much makeup and but I do like to keep myself looking nice! When I saw this beautiful neutral palette I knew it was going to be mine! This is an awesome choice for a neutral palette or a teens first eye shadow pallet! The colors blend in beautifully and have just enough shimmer to it but don’t be fooled the colors do have lots of pigment to them unlike cheap shadows. The colors are rich and glide on smooth lasting all day. It retails for about $36.

and this is what my baby looked like after she grabed on of the display eyeshadows pallets off the shelf, craked the shadow and crawled in it! i just pulled the tags off this outfit this morning and now I’m pretty sure it’s stained. She was helping Mommy shop!