#Review Rock N Learn Science DVD Set for grades 3-8 #rocknlearn

science-dvd-collectionI do a lot of child care so I love having educational DVDs in the house at all times! I was just introduced to the Rock N Learn DVDs and they are amazing! I’ll defiantly be ordering more! I even let my toddler watch them even though they are out of her age range. She’s 18 months and loves to graphics and songs. Who knows, maybe she is picking up some of the information from them too. Another thing they are good for that may not have been talked about is someone who’s going back for their GED because it’s the same information that’s covered in the GED books. I was sent a free set of the Science DVDs for review purposes and like I said before, I’m really impressed with them! The set comes 4 to a pack for $68.99. The graphics are incredible and the songs are educational and playful but fun!

 These DVD programs make learning about science fun and easy. Award winning actor Vic Mignogna gives a voice to Marko the Pencil, who whisks learners away to his Super Science Station for an unforgettable adventure in learning. Special bonus sections present material as it might be found on a science test. And with Marko’s test-taking tips, students are sure to improve on standardized tests.


In this exclusive web-pack you will receive:

  • Life Science DVD
  • Physical Science DVD
  • Human Body DVD
  • Earth Science DVD

If you’re interested in the Rock and Learn DVD sets you can find them here.


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