Free Full Size VO5 Shampoo


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Silicon Makeup Sponge VS Artis Toothbrush Style Makeup Brushes

These are pretty impressive! Unlike other sponges on the market including old fashion makeup sponges, that you can buy at the drug store by the bag that we all know and have used, the Beauty Blender and the new toothbrush style brushes (which I use and love) this new silicone makeup sponge beats them all out when it comes to not wasting your expensive makeup products! You can actually cut down on the size dot of foundation you use and your makeup will actually last you longer before you run out and need to visit the makeup counter for more! CLICK HERE to find the best price on silicone makeup sponges!

Review Michael Todd Soniclear Elite

I’m thrilled with the Michael Todd Soniclear Elite! Actually I’m a huge fan of all of their beauty tools. I haven’t had a chance to try their beauty products such as lotions and things but I can vouch for the beauty tools! I already own the Michael Todd Soniclear Petite and I love it so of course I was trilled to review their full size Soniclear Elite. It’s a full size cleansing brush that comes with the body wand attachment as well as the body brush attachment so not only can it be used for cleansing and exfoliating your face but it works well as a body brush too! Where Michael Todd brushes differ from Clarisonic is that they specialize in  antimicrobial brushes. Of course you would still clean your brush off when your done with it but because it’s antimicrobial it will kill 99.9 % of bacteria unlike a regular cleansing brush. In my opinion that’s a pretty big deal right their. It actually has SIX different speeds and it’s totally waterproof. Also, the quality of the Michael Todd Soniclear brushes are very high quality. I’ve tested and reviewed several different brands over the years and no, they are not all created equal. I’ve actually thrown some in the trash can. LoL and I’m not kidding either! I nice perk about the Soniclear Elite is that it has C-Boost™ Technology – an additional pulsating massage mode that promotes collagen growth. There is even an optional attachment that promotes the growth of collagen. What is collagen you ask? Well, I can tell you that the lack of it is what causes those pesky wrinkles on your face! Collagen plumps the skin and gives it that youthful look.

Another thing I love about the Soniclear Elite is the matching colored cord! Such a minor detail but I’ll always know that cord goes with my Soniclear! Don’t you hate when your cords get mixed up and you need to charge something?

You can purchase the Michael Todd Soniclear Elite HERE.

#waterflosser Why I #Love the Gurin Professional Water Flosser #Review #Beauty #Smile

1Today were going to talk about flossing!! Yes, you heard me correct! LoL I found my favorite water flosser and I wanted to share with you why I love this cordless water flosser so darn much! I know that sounds funny but I bet my dentist would be proud! Well, to make a long story short and get to the point Gurin Professionals emailed me about writing a review about their new cordless water flosser and I accepted because I’ve been looking high and low for a good flosser. Well, when this baby showed up at my door step I was thrilled! I know that’s kind of weird right, thrilled about a flosser but I and in love with this one. First the fact that it’s cordless and rechargeable is huge in my opinion!! I’m one of those people who hate taking the time to floss! First I bought those little flossing sticks from the grocery store and they were ok but a lot of times the floss would pop breaking on me. My husband would set the sticks down in the reach of the baby and I was always worried she’d poke her eye out with the pointed end of those sticks so I was all was picking them up. I spent about a hundred dollars and bought a corded water flosser (think it’s the Water Pick Brand) but I hated that it took up so much space on my small counter and I had a cord running to a socket. Being a bathroom I didn’t think that was safe and I wanted my counter space back so that’s in the closet. When I saw this hand held cordless water flosser by Gurin I was so excited I wanted to dance…. But I didn’t!!! I kept my cool about it. Hahahaha! It showed up in the mail about a week ago and my husband and I have been using it faithfully because it’s so darn easy! The water reservoir is the perfect size to hold just the right amount of water. You can remove the water reservoir and fill it that way or you can flip open the water compartment and fill it that way. Another thing I love about this water flosser is just how powerful it is! I brushed my teeth very well then used this flosser and yucky left over food STILL came out of my back teeth! So you definitely be surprised at how well this small but powerful flosser works! Also, if you have sensitive I don’t recommend filling it with cold cold water. This water pick has 3 different settings and I can tell you it works excellent! The water tank is BPA-free also! Even though this flosser is very strong it’s not uncomfortable but there is a “soft” setting if you’d prefer to use that setting instead. Included in the box you’ll get 2 different color coded heads so that more than one person can use it. The heads are color coded so just pop the correct head on for that person like you would with rechargeable tooth brush such as a Sonicare. For the price and quality you really can’t do better than this water pick. I’m so excited to have it!
[My water flosser was provided free so I could try it and post a detailed review telling you all about the Gurin Professional Rechargeable Water Flosser!]

If your interested in purchasing one of your own you can find it currently on sale for only $37.95 HERE. It’s marked down from $87.95 so hurry and order why it’s still on sale because this is a very nice deal!

Click N Play 33 piece Pretend Grocery Toy Shopping Set REVIEW #vegetablefoodplayset


Such a great value for the price! My daughter just got a toy shopping cart and a play kitchen so we of course needed GROCERIES!! These are perfect! It even includes frozen french fries, pizza, can goods, fruited and vegetables, box items and an adorable little shopping basket like the ones at the grocery store that Mommy carries! Our grocery shopping set was sent to us to try so Mommy could post her opinion and I’m extremely pleased with it because you get so much for your money! This is a bargain!! My little one was so happy to get it you would have thought it was Christmas morning! This would make a great gift! he best part is that it’s only $11.99 for all this!


Lots of upcoming product reviews!

  Hi everyone! I just checked the mail and there were lots of Amazon packages waiting for me! So heads up, there will be quite a few reviews popping up soon so stay tuned! What do you thinks inside?