Freebie Friday Video for Sept 15, 2017

Freebie Friday Video For the Week Of Sept 15, 2017

Here is the Freebie video I uploaded this past friday. This week I got a good amount of free products in the mail and only one actual sample site product (which was facial products). As always, I’ll post the list of where I got everything below.

Ozeri Reviewer form to get free products – Here’s the link but as of now they are no longer accepting new reviewers but I’m posting the link anyway just in case they reopen it again.

Anjou Dye-Free Natural Sunless Self Tanner I happen to get mine free through Extreme Rebates so mine was free but right now it’s actually marked down from $20.99 to ONLY $7.99 on Amazon!! That’s a steal of a deal!

Express Beauty Boutique Beach Bag – I did get mine free because the seller emailed my site asking me to post about it on my social media and blog but you can find it here. It’s currently on sale from $49.99 to $19.99 which is a really good price because it’s very well made!

2 pcs Travel Makeup Bags – This is the same company as the beach bag. They also sent me these makeup bags which I LOVE because I use them to organize my diaper bag. You can find these over here.

5 different Georgette Klinger Facial products – Message them on Instagram to request a sample.

What’s in it for you? Why does Mommy Articles take the time to publish all these deals & freebies?

That’s easy! Some of the links posted on this site are our affiliates and in turn we receive compensation which helps keep this site free for our readers. Not all links, but some are affiliate links. If you’d like to support us and help keep this site free please visit our sponsors/affiliates! And of course the other reason is because I truly love finding freebies and almost free stuff! There is nothing more fun than getting packages in the mail and it’s pretty much a hobby of mine at this point! I’m an expert at couponing too!

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It’s Freebie Friday again & I have the video to prove it! How to become a product tester!

Freebie Friday Video For July 14, 2017

I had a basket packed full of freebies this week and I managed to get it all squeezed into a 12 minute video. I have no idea how I managed to do that but here it is and hope you enjoy the freebie links!

Huggies Good Nite Traning Diapers

DigiTry (Acne Face Wash and about 4 other free samples

Influenster (Where I got the eyeshadow)

Where I got the Amazing Cosmetics Brand concealer, primer, and coverup – For bloggers with a 5,000 plus following

Montana Mex Seasonings Sample – EXPIRED

Extreme Rebates – Where I got the Amazon packages

Elite Deal Club – Product Tester site for free and dirt cheap products!

Freebie Friday Haul – July 07, 2017

Yesterday was Freebie Friday and I wanted to post the video I uploaded yesterday! Every Friday I’ll be posting my freebie haul for all to see!

Freebie Friday – JULY 7, 2017

Here are the links to the freebies I got in the mail this past week that I showed in the video. If you have any questions about anything just leave me a comment below and I’ll answer your questions right away! Hope you enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed filming it.


Extreme Rebates Site – This is where I get most of my free products for my blog post.

Elite Deal Club – This site lets you request on code per day. Sometimes you can find free stuff and other times dirt cheap stuff as in, .10 cents or .65 cents, other times only a couple bucks.

Enfamil Family Beginnings: If you’re a new parent or expecting, then I highly recommend you sign up for Enfamil Family Beginnings. Be registering you’ll start getting free full size formula samples and coupons. Enfamils mails out $5 Enfamils checks.

EBATES: I always recommend using EBATES anytime you make an online purchase! It’s free money!

Sephora: When you shop on the Sephora site you’ll get a choice of 3 free samples.
Always check the Sephora Coupon page before checking out to see if you can score even more free samples.

Why do they give it away #Free ?

1Free samples by mail with no surveys! As long as I can remember, sense I owned my very first computer in the 90’s, I loved requesting free samples by mail. Back then it was so easy with no jumping through hoops filling out surveys. I even started my own free stuff website as a hobby using a WebTV (can you believe that?) and taught myself HTML code just to be able to build that site. Well, things eventually evolved with the internet and now things are done a LOT different. I no longer have that website any more but about 2 years ago I decided to start a new website dedicated to finding freebies that are free of those annoying surveys that run you in circles, why?, because I myself sign up for free samples. I love getting free packages in the mail, entering sweepstakes, winning prizes and sampling and reviewing products. This website is meant to weed out all the bad offers and showcase only freebies that have no strings attached, that are quick to sign up for, and to minimize offers that I don’t think will be delivered by mail. My aim is to have only legitimate offers on this site. People are busy with life and simply don’t have time to answer questions, so all the offers I post here will be without surveys.  CLICK HERE to visit the freebie page on this website where you’ll find the latest freebies I’ve found online with no strings attached.

Why Are They Giving Away Free Stuff?

Companies and manufacturers know that consumers really love the products they currently use, and it would take a lot for them to change. Therefore, businesses will try to reach the consumer by offering a small or even sometimes large sample of their product. People love freebies and most will try something new when it is free, right? This effective marketing technique is used widely by businesses allowing the customer to become more use to the new product so that when the free sample expires, the customer will then go out and hopefully buy the product. CLICK HERE for the list of the most current freebies I’ve posted to the freebie page on this site.

Join Julep and get your first box totally FREE and save 40% off site wide!

Review of the Heka Oil Diffuser

Had I known how much a diffuser could improve life, I would have gotten one a long time ago. Not only is it elegant and pretty but It comes with a fancy ceramic cover which turns it into beautiful home decor.  The light controls are a really nice touch; my personal favorite is the blue. I have quite a few other diffusers spread out all around the house but I made sure this one went front and center in the living room because it’s so pretty and blends in so well. There are lots of colors to choose from or you can just let the automatic color changing lights run which makes a beautiful display. Another thing I love about using oil diffusers is the fact that you can control the scent by how many drops of essential oil you add to the water. Personally I’m one of those people who hate fake smells in the air from plug ins or sprays in the air but after using oil diffuses I’ve come to realize there is a way to add scent to a room without it being over whelming or over the top. The Heka Oil Diffusers has 2 small discrete buttons on the bottom behind it. One controls the light color and the other controls the diffuser. This product is very easy to use right out of the box. Basically, you just unbox it, add water to the fill line, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil, put the lid on, plug it in and turn it on! Of course, be sure not to leave the cord dandling where small children can pull it down.  All in all I’m very happy with this diffuser and out of all of the different ones I own this is my favorite. I do have to point out that it doesn’t hold much water. Only 2 or so ounces so I find myself filling it a lot because personally I use it every day.

You can find it on sale for $38.99 on Amazon by CLICKING HERE.

Sample sent for review purposes.

I’m so excited ! I just earned my #Amazon Top 1,000 Reviewer Badge !

YAY!! Out of all of Amazon I finally made it to the top 1,000 ! Just got My Top 1,000 Review badge & my rank jumped up to #585 ! Now I’m after the Top 500 badge!!!