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Alkaline Spring Water

Hurry and apply for free Alkaline Spring Water from Social Nature!

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ebatesI love using EBATES! Before I shop anywhere online I log into the EBATES site first then click through to the sight I want to shop at. Then I get free money back for stuff I was going to buy anyway!

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That’s easy! Some of the links posted on this site are our affiliates and in turn we receive compensation which helps keep this site free for our readers. Not all links, but some are affiliate links. If you’d like to support us and help keep this site free please visit our sponsors/affiliates! And of course the other reason is because I truly love finding freebies and almost free stuff! There is nothing more fun than getting packages in the mail and it’s pretty much a hobby of mine at this point! I’m an expert at couponing too!

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Free Simple Recycling Bags

truckThe average person throws away 68lbs of clothing per year. Clothing and Housewares account for approximately 10% of the municipal waste stream. 85% of clothing does not get recycled or donated, it gets trashed.

Use the provided green “Simple Recycling” bags to recycle unwanted clothing and housewares in re-usable condition.

Place bags beside regular trash and recycling container on your normal pickup day.

Recyclable Items

  • Men’s Clothing
  • Women’s Clothing
  • Children’s Clothing
  • Coats and Jackets
  • Jewelry
  • Shoes
  • Purses
  • Hats
  • Toys
  • Pictures
  • Mirrors
  • Blankets
  • Drapes/Curtains
  • Pillows
  • Sleeping Bags
  • Small Furniture
  • Small Appliances
  • Irons
  • Radios
  • Lamps
  • Hairdryers
  • Tools
  • Toasters
  • Microwaves
  • Coffee Makers
  • Silverware
  • Dishes
  • Pots/Pans
  • Glasses

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Fill unused Amazon boxes with donations and they’ll be shipped to Goodwill for free |

With the boom in online shopping – and more and more people looking to Amazon to fill their Christmas lists – the question is: what to do with all those unused boxes?

Well, Amazon is taking part in a program to recycle all those empty Amazon boxes as well as help get donations to the Goodwill. Now is a great time to take advantage of this free service and clean out your closets to make room for your new Christmas gifts and help the less fortunate at the same time.

Participation is really easy!

Simply remove all of your items from your Amazon box and fill it with donation items such as clothes, shoes, household items, etc. Items they don’t accept would be electronics, liquids, ammunition or anything fragile or hazardous. Also, a nice perk is that there is no weight limit on the boxes so it’s highly recommended to fill those Amazon boxes up but be sure you don’t fill them so much you can close the box.

Once you’ve filled your box you can visit to print off your free shipping label. You’ll need a separate label for each box you ship. You can drop your boxes off at your local U.S. Post Office or UPS location. To schedule a USPS pickup CLICK HERE.

Source: Fill unused Amazon boxes with donations and they’ll be shipped to Goodwill for free |

Review Woodie’s Brand Bamboo & Leather

2.jpgThis Woodie’s watch is beautiful with its 100% natural bamboo face and all leather band. I honestly couldn’t ask for more!  I’m so excited to own this Woodie’s watch! The fact that it’s a renewable resource is outstanding and really takes it a step further! I’m just in love with the look of this watch and the style of it. It’s very stylish and would blend in with just about any ones wardrobe. Ladies if you’re looking for an original and memorable gift for a hard to shop for guy in your life look no further! This would make a really nice anniversary gift, birthday gift or any other holiday or event you can think of. It’s simply beautiful! I even love the casual cut of the leather. Another thing I’d like to point out about the leather band is that it’s nice and soft so there is no breaking in period. All in all this watch has a gorgeous everyday casual look about it that reminds me of the beach every time I see it on my husband’s wrist! In my opinion it’s only down side is that it’s not water proof if that matters to you or not. I know for some that’s a big deciding factor and others are used to removing their watch before swimming, bathing or showering. This watch honestly looks as nice in person as it does in pictures!

Another nice perk about purchasing a Woodie’s Brand Watch is that a portion of the proceeds go to supporting World Vision. What is World Vision? I found this on their website: “World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families, and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the causes or poverty and injustice.”

You can find it for sale on Amazon with free Prime Shipping if your a Prime Member by going HERE

As always, sample provided for review.

Why I love Oz Naturals Ocean Mineral Cleanser! Review

Water splash, isolated on white background

I couldn’t resist sharing my thoughts about the Ocean Mineral Facial Cleanser by Oz Naturals! The proof is defiantly in the product! Oz Naturals is 92% organic ocean minerals; organic sulfur, anti-aging antioxidants, rosehip oil, and vitamin E infuse this oh-so fruity-smelling natural cleanser. When applying it just add a little water and it’s amazing how much it foams up covering your face in suds of light airy bubbles! It left behind a fresh, tingling sensation after I rinsed it off and it didn’t even burn my eyes! The gel cleanser is packaged in an easy dispenser tube with a flip top attached lid. The gel seems to be concentrated so a little goes a really long way which is a huge plus because it will last longer saving me money! One of the main ingredients of Ocean Mineral Facial Cleanser is Rose Hip Oil, which is a natural acne and eczema treatment, its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties helps to decrease environmental damage and soothe the skin.

OZ Naturals CRUELTY FREE formula does not contain alcohol, parabens or sulfates and is safe for all skin types. Our Ocean Mineral face cleanser is extremely effective.

MADE IN THE USA in a state of the art FDA registered facility, OZ Naturals formulates the most effective anti-aging skin care products on the market

OZ Naturals NATURAL & ORGANIC facial cleanser is considered to be the highest quality skin cleanser on the market.

POWERFUL INGREDIENTS include rose hip oil, rich ocean minerals & vitamin e. This formulation was developed to specifically be gentle on sensitive skin yet highly potent and effective at dissolving nasty particles that clog your pores.

THIS FACE WASH is guaranteed to gently cleanse your skin and clear clogged pores naturally & effectively.

[Sample sent for review]

#waterflosser Why I #Love the Gurin Professional Water Flosser #Review #Beauty #Smile

1Today were going to talk about flossing!! Yes, you heard me correct! LoL I found my favorite water flosser and I wanted to share with you why I love this cordless water flosser so darn much! I know that sounds funny but I bet my dentist would be proud! Well, to make a long story short and get to the point Gurin Professionals emailed me about writing a review about their new cordless water flosser and I accepted because I’ve been looking high and low for a good flosser. Well, when this baby showed up at my door step I was thrilled! I know that’s kind of weird right, thrilled about a flosser but I and in love with this one. First the fact that it’s cordless and rechargeable is huge in my opinion!! I’m one of those people who hate taking the time to floss! First I bought those little flossing sticks from the grocery store and they were ok but a lot of times the floss would pop breaking on me. My husband would set the sticks down in the reach of the baby and I was always worried she’d poke her eye out with the pointed end of those sticks so I was all was picking them up. I spent about a hundred dollars and bought a corded water flosser (think it’s the Water Pick Brand) but I hated that it took up so much space on my small counter and I had a cord running to a socket. Being a bathroom I didn’t think that was safe and I wanted my counter space back so that’s in the closet. When I saw this hand held cordless water flosser by Gurin I was so excited I wanted to dance…. But I didn’t!!! I kept my cool about it. Hahahaha! It showed up in the mail about a week ago and my husband and I have been using it faithfully because it’s so darn easy! The water reservoir is the perfect size to hold just the right amount of water. You can remove the water reservoir and fill it that way or you can flip open the water compartment and fill it that way. Another thing I love about this water flosser is just how powerful it is! I brushed my teeth very well then used this flosser and yucky left over food STILL came out of my back teeth! So you definitely be surprised at how well this small but powerful flosser works! Also, if you have sensitive I don’t recommend filling it with cold cold water. This water pick has 3 different settings and I can tell you it works excellent! The water tank is BPA-free also! Even though this flosser is very strong it’s not uncomfortable but there is a “soft” setting if you’d prefer to use that setting instead. Included in the box you’ll get 2 different color coded heads so that more than one person can use it. The heads are color coded so just pop the correct head on for that person like you would with rechargeable tooth brush such as a Sonicare. For the price and quality you really can’t do better than this water pick. I’m so excited to have it!
[My water flosser was provided free so I could try it and post a detailed review telling you all about the Gurin Professional Rechargeable Water Flosser!]

If your interested in purchasing one of your own you can find it currently on sale for only $37.95 HERE. It’s marked down from $87.95 so hurry and order why it’s still on sale because this is a very nice deal!




Today I’m reviewing PURXURY ORGANIC HYDRATING SERUM + CLEANSER and I’m really liking that this serum is for sensitive skin! Another added bonus is that it’s also a multi use type product meaning that it’s a face serum, eye serum and a cleanser all in one! That’s so convenient for me when traveling and keeps my morning beauty routine simple. Being a mom I’m always looking for simple and quick ways to get thing done. Another thing  I’m really loving about this serum is that it’s all natural and organic. That means a lot in today’s world and I always use organic products whenever I can. When I use this serum my skin feels so soft, hydrated and feeling refreshed. I have noticed the fine lines appear to have filled it a bit and my skin seems more plumped up again like when I was younger. I was mailed a sample to try and post my opinion and like I said before, I love it! It has a really nice texture and glides, smooth and is unscented, which is really nice! If you’d like to try this all natural organic serum by Purxury Organic’s you can find their site HERE! It’s currently on sale for $49.95 marked down from $59.95 which makes it even sweeter!

I was also mailed a sample of their DETOX CHARCOAL SOAP and their ROSE SOAP and the charcoal bar is perfect for shaving with and the Rose bar smells divine! So be sure to check out their all natural bars of soap while your on their site because they truly are wonderful!! I love handmade soap!

Leading Gourmet Bamboo Cutting Board

2What a nice all natural cutting board and I love the fact that it’s naturally ecofriendly too! It’s defiantly a quality product and can be presented as a beautiful house warming gift, wedding gift or given as a Christmas or Hanukkah present. There are silicone feet on this cutting board, unlike other boards I’ve seen. Not only does the silicone hold it perfectly in place when you’re using it but it also keeps the board elevated so water can’t collect under the board causing the board to get ruined from water damage. Like I said before, this cutting board is naturally beautiful, it’s offered in dark blue or sage green silicone trim and it’s a really nice size to work with! Mine was mailed to me as a sample so I could try it for myself and post my opinion.

Bamboo is very popular among chefs because of the low maintenance factor. All you have to do is wipe it and let it air dry. Within 24 hours 99% of all bacteria that was on the cutting board had died due to the composition of the bamboo. On a side note, never put bamboo in the dishwater because it will ruin it! Your knifes won’t create scar marks on a board and it naturally resist water preventing it from penetrate it so bacteria can’t form on its surface. If your interested in this all bamboo cutting board you can find it HERE. It’s currently on sale for only $24.95 marked down from $42.95! You can save an additional 15% on top of the sale price by using the discount code: GOURMET2









Greta The Fox Wooden Baby Toddler Swing Review

#GretaTheFox #EcoFriendly 
If your looking for a really nice Christmas gift idea for a little one in your life you should check out this all wood swing! I just got the Greta The Fox Wooden Baby & Toddler Swing in the mail yesterday and I’m over the moon thrilled with it!!!! The quality is simply AMAZING and it’s Eco-friendly made of solid wood that’s treated with only non-toxic coating! The wood is so natural and pretty.  Even the rope is covered with wooden beads to prevent your baby’s delicate skin from getting roap burn or pinched! Another really awesome feature of this swing is that it arrived 100% pre assembled (THANK YOU)!! This swing is so well thought out and even looks handmade! I’m not thrilled about the color of the wood beads (red & yellow) but I can live with that small detail I guess. Also, I’d like to point out that the wood is sanded very well because it’s extra smooth so no need to worry about splinters or anything like that. Same with the rope, it’s very smooth for little hands. It’s very secure so your little one is totally safe in it. So happy I found a beautiful all wooden swing for my baby so I can replace the plastic Walmart one we had. This is so much nicer than the plastic ones they sell in the store and I just can’t stop raving about it! Mine was mailed to me as a product sample so I could try it out and post my thoughts. Like I said, I love this swing! If your interested in this adorable all wood swing you can find it on sale for only $24.99 (marked down from $39.99) HERE

Save 10% each on the Greta the Fox Baby Swing when you purchase 3 or more. Enter code SWING10. 

Save 5% each on the Greta the Fox Baby Swing when you purchase 2 or more. Enter code SWING05. 


REVIEW Cutie Lunch Baby Food Pouches BPA Free

#CutieLunch #BabyFood

These are wonderful!! I didn’t think much of them till I finally tried one. I love using pouches for food but it’s a lot more cost effective to purchase baby food in the jars. I know most people use re-usable pouches because it’s less in landfills or they want to feed their baby homemade organic foods. Personally, I use them for convenience and cost. To give you an idea of the size of these pouches it fits one jar of Gerber baby food perfectly without spilling out when you try to close. What ever you do, don’t over fill these or you’ll have a mess on your hands! When filling them make sure the caps on, turn the pouch upside down, open the bottom as wide as you can and carefully pour or spoon the food in the center as to not get any on the zip lock style closure so you’ll have a nice clean seal. I’d also like to point out that these are BPA-Free, dishwasher safe, freezer safe, Eco-friendly and practly mess free! They are not microwave safe though so be sure not to microwave them! I love using the ChooMee Brand nipples with these! It makes for the perfect pair turning these into a mess fee feeding. When using these with a nipple it’s the perfect pair!! Mine were mailed to me as a sample so I could try them out and post my personal experience. I totally love that these pouches are clear so I can see what’s in them and they are so easy to clean! If your interested in the Cutie Lunch Food Pouches you can find them HERE!