Just got the world’s coolest lunch dish in the mail! Space saving!

I just got the coolest lunch dish in the mail today! I know that may sound odd hearing me say that but, really, it’s that cool! Let me explain why I’m so in love with it.

  • It’s BPA free which is a huge plus in my book. Seems like it’s becoming harder and harder to find quality products that are BPA free.
  • It’s dishwasher safe and of course that rates really high on my list right there!
  • Here is one of the best features that really makes it stand out the most. It’s actually collapsible and space saving! I have limited kitchen space so this feature helps me out a LOT.
  • I’m impressed with how sturdy the material it’s made of is and I’m confident it will last a very long time as long as my kiddo doesn’t lose it.
  • The lids snap closed for a tight fit.
  • The spoon doubles as a fork and it has it’s own little space built into the lid so you won’t lose it.

This handy little lunch dish can fit a lot when it’s expanded making it perfect for on the go because when you’re done with it you can just collapse it and slide it into your bag. It doesn’t take up much space either! This handy collapsible space saving lunch dish is available in blue or green.

Mine was sent to me free so I could try it out and post my thought about it and I can tell you it’s VERY nice! I wouldn’t mind having more of these. I wonder if the company makes storage bowls with lids for keeping left overs in the fridge or freezer? Now that would be extra handy!

Another really nice point about it is that it’s only about $12 on Amazon. You can find it HERE.

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