*OMG* I’m drooling 40% Off Already Marked Down Clearance Wedding Bands! CRAZY low prices!

If your in the market for a wedding band set and on a budget or just want to make a smart purchase then you really should visit the Jeulia site! Right now they are running a huge sale! All already marked down clearance wedding band sets are and additional 40% Off with Code: C40 !

If you don’t care for what’s on the clearance page, that’s OK because they are also offering $60 Off $180+ Coupon site wide! Use coupon code: CUT60 or CUT30 if your making a $120 purchase. The average wedding band set on this site ONLY $150 (and that’s not the clearance page).

What’s so special about this site is that their rings are made of 928 Sterling Silver and Rhodium plated. If you don’t already know, all 14K white gold jewelry is Rhodium plated so basically what I’m trying to say is this is very high end without the price take of gold or Platinum! The stones are all perfect lab created Sapphire making them the perfect stone and just as beautiful as a diamond! After looking threw this site for well over an hour I’ve notice the center stones are not overly sized making them scream fake diamond. Instead they are an average size of 1 to 1.5 CT in size. Personally, I really like this kind of jewelry! Also, they don’t just sell wedding sets. You can find anniversary bands, promise rings, bracelets and pendants too!

Lab Created Sapphire vs. CZ (Cubic Zirconia)

  1. Mass CZ produced rings are just that – mass produced. We are absolutely handcrafted for every ring, it’s our promise.
  2. Lab-controlled conditions make perfect stones and ideal cut the “Hearts and Arrows” for maximum fire.
  3. CZ is 8 on hardness, our created sapphire is 9 (next to a diamond 10).

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Jeulia Rings Sale, $30-$60 Off

Win a Swarovski Crystal Necklace

8c0b3428b97955b77cefd7fe153fefb0e684a1c3Are you looking for the perfect necklace to spice up any of your fall outfits this season! It’s made from the finest Swarovski Elements Crystals hand set in platinum with brass base metal, this stunning pendant necklace will reward you with a lifetime of beauty and ease of care. Enter the Beauty Freebies Giveaway for your chance to win your very own Heart Pendant Swarovski Crystal Necklace. This piece is crafted using a total of 26 machine cut stones. A large 1/4 Oz colored stone reveals a sparkling radiance and stunning 3 dimensional depth.

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