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Party Snow REVIEW!

#PartySnow #snow #kids1 is fake snow that feels like real, cool, fluffy white snow just like the package says! It’s so much fun for both kids and adults. Yes, I said “adults” because no one can resist putting their hands in the stuff! You want to just keep touching it! It comes dry in a package that recommends its for ages 4 and up and states it grows 100 x’s its size. To get started the directions say to add a 1/4 a cup of water for every teaspoon of snow mix and included is a measuring spoon. I used a large kids sand bucket that I had in the house, dumped the entire package of snow mix in the added a vase full of water. I didn’t measure the water because I was doing this at work. Yes, we were making snow in the break room of a doctors office of all places! LoL! I thought it would be more fun to have it sitting in a bucket at the sign in desk so more people could enjoy it. When you add the water it grows really fast making instant on the spot snow! I would like to point out this is not intended for surfaces where people will be waling because it does make the floor slippery! Just an FYI, thought I’d put that out there because it’s written on the package and some did get on the floor in our break room and it did make the floor slippery because it rolls under your shoes. I had to get the broom and sweep the floor. On another note, it’s totally non-toxic so its safe if it’s swallowed but it’s TOTALLY NOT RECOMMENDED! If it is swallowed the package says to rinse with water and drink a large glass of water or milk. Just add water and watch it grow.

Now that you have the fake snow there will be a White Christmas this year long even in Florida! Throw a Princess Party or use Party Snow to decorate! One small pack can make 2 to 3 gallons of snow that will leave you and your kids mesmerized!

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My bag of Party Snow was mailed to me as a free sample so we could try it out and post feedback on it. After trying I totally love it and really can’t think of any negative points.