#Review Combination Child Safety Locks, Designed for Smart #toddler #childsafety

1In my opinion you can never have to many child safety locks on hands! I run a home day care so baby proofing is top priority in my house and I’m really impressed with these safety locks because they are actually a combination type lock. I’ve tried and reviewed just about every child safety product Amazon sells and these are really nice. They attach well and can be opened with one hand which is important to me in a child lock! Yet, at the same time it’s not easy for a toddler to open. To open them just line up the lines on the safety lock and it will open right up! I give it 5 stars! Oh, and another nice point about these are that they are clear so they will blend in with your furniture which is nice. You can get a set of 6 of these combination child locks for only $12.95. There currently on sale marked down from $19.95


Sample provided for review purposes.

Review! GEEKTOYS 2.4G 4 CH 6-Axis Gyro RC Quadcopter, #F2_Balck Headfree Mode, One Key to Return

imageThe set up was very easy! For the price I’m very impressed with this drone! It has a very sleek look and flys really smooth! We have a few different Geektoys and love them all. This one makes no claims to bring water proof like the H2O claims to be. Also, I really like that it doesn’t come with a huge oversized controller. This inexpensive toy drown will provide your family with hours and hours of fun! It will entertain the whole family including mom, dad, brother, sisters and even grandma !! And the best part is that it’s currently on sale in Amazon for only $44.95 HERE !
Sample provided for review.