Free pill box complements of GoodRX

Do you happen to be in need of a new pillbox? If so, GoodRX is offering free pill boxes! All you have to do is request one! CLICK HERE To request yours!

On a side note, I love the GoodRX app! I have no affiliation with them whatsoever but I do use their smartphone app when picking up prescriptions because it lets you type the name of your prescription and dose. In turn it gives you the price for branded as well as generic price at all your local pharmacies. For example, you can choose the least expensive pharmacy and get your medications filled there! I’ve actually seen firsthand where one prescription was $20 across the street but the pharmacy we were standing in was charging $100 !! All we had to do was drive across the street!

Also, if your not to tech savvy they do have a website that will do the same thing as the app.