Free gloves you guys!


Free gloves

Free gloves you guys! There are several different ones to choose from. This would be perfect if you need rubber gloves for anything. They do come in handy for hair dye or even changing diapers and of course if you work in the medical field.

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Free Poise Starter Pack w/ Free zipper pouch

Request your FREE Poise Starter Pack plus Zipper Pouch! Not only do you get the freebies inside but the free pouch is really handy and doesn’t have a brand marked on it that says “Poise” so you can use it in public which is nice. I like to keep Zipper bags like this in my purse to keep things together and clean… like pantie liners.


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Free Sample Pack Of TENA Underwear


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FREE Animal Parade Children’s Multi-Vitamin


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Valentine's Day creative gifts

Totally Free Biofreeze Sample


Request your free sample of Biofreeze Cold Therapy Pain Relief. This is the same stuff they use in chiropractors offices. CLICK HERE to request your sample.

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Visit the Breathe Right Website and register to get a free sample of their new Breathe Right Lavender scented nose strips! When your congested they really work!


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REVIEW Easy@Home 16 Mode TENs Unit for treating pain


tensI was mailed the Easy@Home 16 mode portable Handheld Electronic Pulse Massager Unit to try out and post a blog review on. Well, I’ve tried out lots of different TENs units over the years and I really like this one a lot! It’s small, portable, has s great price point, a rechargeable battery and it’s very small. It’s also approved by the FDA for paid relief therapy on shoulders, waist, joints, back, arm and legs. I love that it really packs a punch when it comes to knocking out chronic pain! I highly recommend this tiny little unit! Mine was mailed to me coupons a sample to try so. Could post my own personal feedback and like I said before! I love it! I think every one should own one of there’s. It’s always best to try a natural approach before turning to pain pills! If you’re interested in this TENs unit you can find it on Amazon on sale for only $59.99 (marked down from $79.99) CLICK HERE.


REVIEW – SantaMedical Wrist Blood Pressure Cuff

bloodpressurebloodpressure3I choose the SantaMedical Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor because I’m able to easily use it on myself because it’s made for the wrist. It’s extremely easy to strap it on to your own wrist and the monitor faces you for easy reading of the numbers. I’d also like to point out the numbers are very large and easy to read for someone who has a harder time seeing smaller things. I took it to the clinic where I work and the doctor was very impressed with it. We even compared it against the manual and the automated blood pressure cuffs in our clinic and I’m pleased to say this little thing was VERY accurate! I was mailed mine as a sample for product testing and reviewing purposes and I must admit this wrist cuff passed with flying colors! Priced at only $19.95 I can’t help but recommend it! It even comes with it’s own case to keep it stored in when not being used. It’s small enough that you could even keep in it a purse or bag. It would be a great option for a home health nurse because it’s so portable! I also like that if I’m using it on someone else I don’t have to ask them to remove their coat or any thick clothing that may be in the way (on the arm). If you’re interested in purchasing this wrist blood pressure monitor you can find the lowest price HERE!

Santamedical SM-165 Fingertip Pulse Oximeter REVIEW



Of course pretty much all of us know what a pulseoximeter is but for those of you who don’t it takes a reading of the oxygen level in your blood stream and it also gives you pulse rate. If you’ve ever been to the doctor’s office its that little gadget the medical assent slipped on your finger when she was rooming you. If for some reason you need to keep track of your oxygen or pulse levels on your own this is a great home unit! It’s very easy to use and very easy to read! Also, I’d like to point out these readings are just a snap shot meaning these numbers move up and down with a slight variation, that’s normal. To take a reading you just press the button on the meter and it turns it on, place the unit on your finger tip and wait a few seconds until you get the reading. Once the numbers appear on the display your done! Then the unit will turn itself off to conserve the battery. In my opinion the Santamedical SM-165 Pulse Oximeter is very accurate and easy to use! Its modestly priced at only $22.95 on Amazon which I think is a great deal! I did receive this meter in the mail free as a sample for product testing and review purposes. After using it I defiantly recommend it! #pulseoximeter