Exuviance Pigment Lifting Masque Review #review


I just got a sample of the Exuviance Pigment Lifting Masque in the mail and I’m so excited about it! It actually left my face glowing with a fresh dewy appearance! I had some spots covering my cheeks and chin from sun damage. Unfortunately I didn’t wear sunscreen when I was a teen and I’m seeing it now! After using this masque for a few weeks I’ve notice a huge difference and the dark spots actually lightened! I didn’t think that was even possible without a laser! Do I recommend this masque? Defiantly!  It’s priced at more of a splurge price point but if it’s in your budget I totally recommend it! One box is about $65 and contains 6 mask (making each application about $10 and some change). When you take the mask out of its pouch adjust the mask until you get it lined up to your face. It’s best to lie down so it will stay in place. I put mine on when soaking in the tub. The directions say to leave it on about 10 mins but I kept it on about 20 mins to make sure I got the most out of it. The mask was very pleasant, comfortable and didn’t burn, sting or irritate my skin at all! When I took it off it left my skin glowing like I just left an expensive spa and had a facial done. If your interested in purchasing this mask you can find it HERE!


About the Product

The summer heat has gone away but you might be noticing lingering signs of summer sun damage. Exuviance has developed a paper masque formulated with concentrated brighteners to diminish the look of those dark spots left behind from long days at the beach and help prevent the formation of new spots. Skin is left luminous and cushioned with moisture for a radiant complexion.  Product snapshot: • Patented NeoGlucosamine® exfoliates skin to help break up existing dark spots, creating more even pigment • Vitamin C amps up the brightening process by helping diminish the look of existing dark spots and preventing the formation of new spots • Lightly hydrating serum leaves skin luminous, cushioned with moisture • Masque is designed to adjust to fit any face so it adheres and locks in the active-rich formula The benefits: Treat yourself to a pampering, intensive skin-transforming experience with this unique masque. The concentrated formula is packed with powerful ingredients selected to deliver specific brightening benefits, diminishing the look of dark spots and uneven pigmentation, so skin looks younger. Specifically designed to adjust to fit any face, simply press the masque on your skin to adhere and lock in the active-rich formula, letting your skin absorb all the benefits of the brightening ingredients. Our patented NeoGlucosamine® gently exfoliates, helping to break up existing dark spots and creating more even pigment and youthful tone. Vitamin C takes the brightening process one step further, helping to diminish the look of existing dark spots and prevent the formation of new spots. The lightly hydrating serum leaves skin luminous and cushioned with moisture. Experience beautiful results when you lift off this special masque. Reveal a younger looking, brighter complexion with more even tone. How to use: Masques are single use. After cleansing, place the masque over the entire face, gently smoothing the fabric onto skin. Leave the masque on for 10 minutes allowing skin to absorb the potent brighteners. After 10 minutes, remove and discard the masque, massaging excess solution into the skin. Follow with a moisturizer. For best results, use with Exuviance® OptiLight products. Recommended for: Those with hyperpigmentation and summer sun damage  Size: 6 single use masques (0.60 fl oz per packette) Price: $65 at Exuviance.com



[sample provided for review]