Silicon Makeup Sponge VS Artis Toothbrush Style Makeup Brushes

These are pretty impressive! Unlike other sponges on the market including old fashion makeup sponges, that you can buy at the drug store by the bag that we all know and have used, the Beauty Blender and the new toothbrush style brushes (which I use and love) this new silicone makeup sponge beats them all out when it comes to not wasting your expensive makeup products! You can actually cut down on the size dot of foundation you use and your makeup will actually last you longer before you run out and need to visit the makeup counter for more! CLICK HERE to find the best price on silicone makeup sponges!

Free Valentine Welcome Box for NEW Julep Monthly Subscribers

Valentine Free Box
Free Box is back, just in time for Valentine’s Day! New Julep monthly beauty box subscribers get a free Valentine welcome box for a limited time. Take the quiz and get started on a new beauty adventure. So hurry and take advantage of this free makeup offer!

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Valentine Free Box

I do want to point out this is a subscription service so you do have to remember to cancel. Of course, if you love it you can continue you subscription by doing nothing and you’ll be billed monthly.