My mail call for the week! Want to see what I got?

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I had a pretty good haul this week! Most was free & some were just really good deals!

Lip Monthly

I know the lighting wasn’t the best and the gold in the bubble envelope reflected an odd color light in the pictures but I wanted to point out I got everything shown in these pictures for only FIVE dollars! That’s an insane crazy low price for everything in this bag. This bag came with a face mask but normally you get 4 full size lip products and one other face product like an eyeshadow or something similar. I HIGHLY recommend Lip Monthly because of the value. I always get high end full size lip products such as liquid lipstick, quality lip glosses, lip liners, etc. This is a subscription service and renews at $13 a month but you can score your first month for only $5 by using discount code: LIPLOVER ! Also, it’s very easy to cancel. CLICK HERE to get a $5 lip bag from Lip Monthly using discount code: LIPLOVER

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Free Makeup Brush Set

I scored this large set of makeup brushes on the Extreme Rebates site. The way the site works is that you SIGN UP for a free account, fill out your profile, then request the products you’d like to test. If you’re approved you get them in the mail.

CLICK HERE to sign up with Extreme Rebates!

Cate & Chloe VIP Box

I was emailed by this company asking me to review their jewelry subscription box! They mailed me a free subscription box to do an unboxing video so be sure to watch for the video to get a closer look at what’s inside this gorgeous box! They will also be sharing a discount code for me to post for my readers and I believe they’ll be a giveaway too!

CLICK HERE to visit the Cate & Chloe VIP Website!

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ipsy Glam Bag!

I love ipsy! They are an affordable makeup subscription service. You fill out a beauty profile and each month they mail you a Glam Bag filled with goodies AKA makeup that matches your profile! The subscription is only $10 a month so it won’t break your piggy bank and it will keep you up on the latest in makeup trends! Also, once you’re a member you collect free points for each Glam Bag, referrals, and for reviewing the goodies in your Glam Bag. In turn you can cash in these points for even more makeup!

GO HERE to sign up with ipsy!

My free box from The Naked Dog Co.

I got my free box of dog food from The Naked Dog Co!! The way this deal worked was I ordered the first box and got it for only $10 (1st month special), after I checked out it asked if I wanted to add another dog to my account so I did. When I went to the shopping cart it wanted full price so I left the 2nd box in my cart. A few days later I got an email offering the 2nd box FREE. So I actually got TWO boxes just like this for a total of $10 for both.

CLICK HERE to visit The Naked Dog Co. site.

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Bracelets that are hair tie holders

I love this set of hair tie bracelets! I was mailed a free set of them to review in my blog and I can tell you these are so nice. They came in a very pretty gift box, I got one of each color and they even came with hair ties. Normally when you order these you don’t get the hair ties with it. These are made of stainless steel so they won’t chip or fade. If you’re like me and always have a hair tie around your wrist then these are the way to go. Just pop one of these on your wrist and your hair tie fits over it so you’ll no longer have those rubber band marks on your wrist anymore and they actually look classy. These would make a very nice gift for someone because they retail for only $16.99 (set of 3) but look like you spent a lot more on them!

You can find these listed HERE.

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Generic Sonicare replacement brushes

These were also sent to me free! They fit my Sonicare perfectly and don’t cost $39 for 2 brush heads! I actually got 6 in the box but my 2 year old ran away with 2 of them. I may find them in the bottom of the toy box or something!

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Oval Toothbrush Style Makeup Brushes

These gorgeous and trendy oval toothbrush style makeup brushes were sent to me free! I was asked to review them on my site and to host a giveaway! You can find the GIVEAWAY over HERE. I also own a set of these brushes and they are EXCELLENT for blending your foundation and contour. Once you make the switch to this style makeup brush you won’t ever go back!

CLICK HERE to enter our giveaway!

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Love With Food

You get $10 off your first order with this company making this a screaming deal! I’m so happy with this company because they have the yummiest stuff and it’s no more expensive than what you’d pay in the grocery if you were buying healthy snacks. I subscribe to this company for my 2 year old so she has better snacks.

GO HERE to visit the Love With Food site.

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Coolest Socks Box by KH by Kalani

You can find my blog post about these awesome socks over HERE. I was sent a free KH by Kalani sock box and asked to try them and post a review in my blog. I can tell you these socks are so cool! They even have unicorn socks on their site!

GO HERE to read more.

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My door step looks like this almost everyday!

I love getting freebies in the mail and I guess that’s how this site was born! This was what was waiting for me at my doorstep today!

Mail call! Here are all the deals and freebies I got in the mail this week!

All the freebies and goodies I got in the mail!!

Here’s the scoop on how I got all these freebies (and super discounted stuff)!

-If you’re a Prime member with Amazon, you can get a free Amazon Beauty Box and if you’re not a Prime member you can get a free month of Prime too! GO HERE to order yours! If you’re not a prime member you can get a free month HERE!

-I got a free Doucce Freeman Eyeshadow Pallet as a free gift for joining Allure Beauty Box! Allure Beauty Box is only $10 right now! Normally $20. HERE is the link for the $10 Allure box with free bonus eyeshadow pallet.

-The essential oil necklace I got form entering an online giveaway!

-The tripod was sent to me to post a review in my blog and post to my social media pages you can find it HERE!

-The magazines, I have no idea where I ordered them but I get them in the mail free!

-Free 12 oz bag of Theodore’s Coffee from Crema Coffee. To get this freebie you sign up for their coffee subscription service. The first month is free. Then I canceled my subscription. I would have kept the subscription but their bags of coffee range in price from $17.99 to $20 or so. So it wasn’t what I was looking for.

-This is a fun freebie or should I say “freebies”. I need more foundation so I buy it from Sephora Online BECAUSE I can click through from the Ebates Site and got 4% back for something I was buying anyway. Plus, when you order ANYTHING on the Sephora site, no matter how small you get to choose 4 free samples and you collect points for what you buy. I cashed out my points for the Tart Brighter tinted moisturizer and used a coupon code posted on their site to get the free BareMinerals foundation with the foundation brush. Sephora go HERE!

What I got in the mail from a giveaway!

I went to check my mail box and found this in it! It was part of a giveaway that I entered. I didn’t win the giveaway but instead I was sent a prize for 10 people signing up for their giveaway using my link and I collected enough points to earn this essential oil necklace. As of now my 2 year old has staked claim on it so I haven’t been able to use it myself yet! This promotion is now over, other wise I would post the link to it.

Although the giveaway for the essential oil necklace is over here’s a different giveaway you can enter to win a Smart Water Bottle! If you refer 10 of your friends you’ll get one free. It’s a $69 value. CLICK HERE to enter.
water bottle.jpg

Free 5 Piece K-Beauty Fresh Start Gift set (full size products) when you join Julep! This is a killer good deal! This set is valued at over $100 retail!5 pc GWP for New Julep Subscribers

What’s in it for you? Why does Mommy Articles take the time to publish all these freebies?

That’s easy! Some of the links posted on this site are our affiliates and in turn we receive compensation which helps keep this site free for our readers. Not all links, but some are affiliate links. If you’d like to support us and help keep this site free please visit our sponsors/affiliates! And of course the other reason is because I truly love finding freebies and almost free stuff! There is nothing more fun than getting packages in the mail and it’s pretty much a hobby of mine at this point! I’m an expert at couponing too!

I got some freebies in my mailbox!

It’s always so much fun going to the mailbox to find freebies every day! Today I got a free copy of the April addition of HGTV Magazine, a bottle of Good Virtues Co. Happy & Heavenly Healthy Hair & Scalp Shampoo, a sample of the new Truvia Nectar Sweetener and coupons for MarkTEN XL e-Vapor device kit for only $1 and refills for only $1. I’ll be giving the e-Vapor coupon away because I don’t need it.

Free Sample Of Truvia Packets and Truvia Nectar

sample_products.pngRequest a free sample of Truvia packets and Truvia Nectar. To get both you have to check the box requesting both. There are 3 options (truvia packets, Truvia Nectar or Truvia packets AND Truvia Nectar).

CLICK HERE to request yours!

Why I’m Canceling BirchBox!

I’m overly amazed at how small and teeny tiny all the items in my Birch Box subscription were! That’s why I’m canceling because I personally don’t think it’s worth the money each month. Last month I got the same mini purse mirror and the same sample of Real Chemistry Body peel. I’m even less impressed with the tiny sample of sunscreen. The small lipgloss sample is kinda ok because lipgloss last so long anyway but it’s still very small. Even though the 3 Minute body peel sample appears large because of the packaging it’s hard to cover your entire body with what’s in the package. My final thoughts is that this is the equivalent of what you’d be given free when shopping at a dept. store makeup counter or free samples you’d get when shopping at Ulta or Sephora! Sorry if my post sounds like negative Nancy but I thought I should let everyone know. In my opinion is NOT worth $10 a month!

A monthly box of fun toys, healthy treats, and other goodies for your cat!

Lots of upcoming product reviews!

  Hi everyone! I just checked the mail and there were lots of Amazon packages waiting for me! So heads up, there will be quite a few reviews popping up soon so stay tuned! What do you thinks inside?