This weeks Freebie Friday Haul Video w/ Links

Freebie Friday Aug 11, 2017 staring my sidekick Gertrude who wanted to take over the video and make it all about her!

Sorry this Freebie Friday video was uploaded late! My 2 year old had other plans and wouldn’t take a nap and finally decided to go to bed really late! So basically, I DID record it really late Friday night, really late as in 11pm-ish!! That’s why it’s being uploaded on Saturday if you’re wondering.

Here is my freebie haul for this week! Believe it or not… even the cockatoo was free! Yup, I adopted an 8 yro umbrella cockatoo this week and her name is Gertrude! She came complete with her cage, food, treats, toys, etc. She even says Hello, Gertrude, I love you, and other things. She’s starting to say “Buster” which is my dog’s name.

*And if you’re interested in adopting a parrot you can find one in need of being re-homed and most likely you can find someone that will let you adopt “free” or for a very “reasonable” adoption fee but I do ask that you research the breed and know what you’re taking on before adopting a parrot. They do need lots of attention so it’s not something to take lightly. For example, larger breeds may scream really loud so they are not recommended for someone living in an apartment for example.  After you do research on parrots and the breed you’re interested in, search for parrot rescues in your area.

Gymboree Sale On Now!

What’s in it for you? Why does Mommy Articles take the time to publish all these deals & freebies?

That’s easy! Some of the links posted on this site are our affiliates and in turn we receive compensation which helps keep this site free for our readers. Not all links, but some are affiliate links. If you’d like to support us and help keep this site free please visit our sponsors/affiliates! And of course the other reason is because I truly love finding freebies and almost free stuff! There is nothing more fun than getting packages in the mail and it’s pretty much a hobby of mine at this point! I’m an expert at couponing too!

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