Secret Sephora Makeup Sample Link leaked | Lip stain or waterproof makeup remover


Hurry over to the Sephora site

Hurry over to this special Sephora link that was emailed to select people on their mailing list. I applied for my freebie and I wanted to share this secret link with you guys to! Click the “Take Quiz” button and choose which free sample you’d like. Personally, I went for the Sephora Cream Lip Stain in Pink but, you also have a choice between the lip stain or a waterproof makeup remover sample.

Go HERE to grab your’s before they run out!

Review Peel Off Lip Stain Long Lasting Waterproof Lip Gloss – All The Rage in Japan So I had To Try it!


I kept seeing this advertised in my Facebook News feed as a sponsored, all over YouTube and other places, so finally, I gave in an had to try it for myself!  This stuff seems to have taken Japan by storm and now it’s making it’s was to the U.S. Well, personally I’m not terribly impressed with this product. Maybe it just takes getting use to with applying and I didn’t find it lasted 10 hours. I’d rate it for more teenagers because it’s along the lines of something you’d find at the local drug store. I’ve tried it a few times now, it’s very messy and thick. I recommend using a lip brush to apply it because if it applies crooked that’s the way it’s going to stain your lips! Use caution applying it because if it get s on your cheek, fingers or hands it’s staining those too!! So be careful! Another thing I’d like to point out is that it took a month for me to get my order in the mail because it was mailed using China Post. I had no idea when I ordered it from Amazon that it was actually shipping from China. I did a bit of online research into this lip stain and found out that if you don’t want to keep it on the whole 10 hours that you can simply use any oil based make up remover and swipe it off. Well, I tried that this morning and it didn’t work well at all. My fingers are still stained.  Now that I got all of that out of the way I’ll move on to explaining how to apply it. Like I said before I highly recommend using a lip brush, pick up a nice size bead/ball of it on the tip of the brush and carefully paint it on your lips by outlining your lips with it first. Be sure to apply it thick. The thicker the better because you’ll get more of an even color. What will happen if you apply it to thin is that it will be harder for it to stain your lips evenly and it won’t peel up well at all! Personally I don’t think you need to leave it on your lips an entire 10 mins to dry.  I’ve tried both ways but in my opinion you can you tissue starting from the outer part of your lips moving in to remove it before it’s totally dry. I don’t personally always have 10 full minutes to stand in the mirror with my mouth open. That’s why I use the tissue (because it’s only about 80% dry most of the times) when I remove it. The only advantage to leaving it on the full 10 minutes is that you’ll get a deeper darker shade. Once you peel it off check your teeth for any residue and give your finders a look to see if you need to wash them to try to remove any stain. If you did get stain on your fingers or hands try an oil based make up remover to remove it and hope for the best. Once you’ve applied it and peeled the dried layer off simply apply any lip gloss, Chap Stick, etc. of your choice. Also, I’d like to point out I did NOT get this as a free sample in the mail for review. I saw it, wanted to try it, so I bought it. If you’d like to order some you can find it on Amazon here for ONLY $3.95  (select “same size” for the size option!!) for all 6 colors with free shipping but fair warning, expect to wait a month to get it in the mail. The other options cost more for the same thing. Don’t know if it’s a mistake on the sellers part or what but it’s ringing up for only $3.95 and other sellers are selling the same exact thing for over $20!