Review Baby Night Light Puppy

I think I found the #cutest night light ever! Just looking at it makes me #smile! It comes with a USB cord with a wall plug so it can be plugged into a laptop, desktop, etc. The light is bright but not overly bright. When your light arrived simply place the etched plastic picture of the dog into the base then plug the unit it! It’s that easy! I know it may should crazy but the soft glow of this night light actually has a calming effect on me and my toddler loves it too! You can find it on sale on Amazon by going here —->
A sample was provided to me for review purposes. #freesample #rainbowlights3d #rainbowlights you can find it on #amazon

My Personal REVIEW Of The TECHO® Universal Portable Self-portrait Kit Selfie Stick

techoI must admit i’m very impressed! The TECHO Universal Selfie Stick Kit is stupidity proof!! The most un-tech savvy person can use it or just the person that doesn’t want to deal with the bother of a Bluetooth connection. No batteries to deal with or charge, The stick is very sturdy and does not bow, yet very compact and it’s very easy to insert your phone into the holder part including the larger models on the market these days. It has a very sleek professional streamline look to it unlike some of the cheaper selfie sticks on the market these days. An added bonus is that this selfie stick comes with a free wide angle lens that clips onto any smart phone so you’ll be able to get everyone in the picture! I received the selfie stick at a discounted price and was asked to product test it and review it. Like I said I’m very impressed with it, it totally met my expectations and more! I recommend it highly & can’t think of any cons. I’ll be using it to update my blog on a regular bases because it makes picture taking a breeze. I didn’t even realized I need at this until I got one! It’s amazing! You can find my full review on Amazon HERE! If you’d like to purchase the TECHO Self Portrait Kit you can find it HERE!

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