Silicone Lego Style Bricks & Minifigure Molds REVIEW

  Today I wanted to take the time to review the Silicone Lego Style Bricks & Minifigure Molds that I got in the mail and I can officially say these are great! These Lego molds come in a set of 5 and they have so many uses ranging from candies to crafts! I very impressed by how easy they are to clean & amazed at how easy it is to get stuff out of! They’re very flexible yet don’t bow when your moving them around because they are very sturdy. If you’re planning a larger project I’d highly recommend buying more than one set so you can make more per batch! My Lego molds were mailed to me as a product sample so I could try them and post my opinion and like I said, I really like them!!! If your interested in purchasing a set or 2 of these Lego molds you can find them listed here!