Make cleaning fun with #Angry #Mamma Microwave Steemer #Going Green #kitchengizmo #gotitfree


This is AWESOME!!!! I love this little gadget by Kitchen Gizmo Angry Mama!!! I even love that the one I was sent is a brunette like me! It’s so easy to use that I honestly didn’t even look at the directions. Basically you fill the bottom with vinegar and the rest with tab water but don’t fill to the very top of course. Put the head back on and place your little Angry Mom in the center of a dirty microwave then turn the microwave on high for about 5 or 8 minutes without opening the door (so the pressure can build up). Once the cycle is done and the microwave dings remember your Angry Mama will be very hot so use caution when removing her. Once she is out of the oven just take a clean cloth, sponge, paper towels or whatever you prefer to use to whip your microwave clean and give it a good wipe down. Then you’re done!!! It’s really that simple and it’s actually fun!  And like I said before, I’m totally in love with this product and wouldn’t mind buying more! I’d love to own the red head and blond Angry Mama too! These Angry Mama’s are currently on sale in time for Valentines Day for $11.60 marked down from it’s usual $22.99

[Sample provided for review]