Kitchen Aid Mixer Sale In Time For Christmas

 Score this Kitchen Aid mixer for only $350! Regular $429. 

Powerful and quiet 1 HP DC motor

Extra deep 6 Quart bowl with contoured design for adding ingredients with ease

Beautifully polished bowl exterior

Residential attachment power hub

Includes dishwasher safe coated metal beater, dough hook and stainless steel 6 wire whip  
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REVIEW Of the Chefmate II Cooking Thermometer #foodiegadget



I’m pretty impressed with this thermometer. The packaging isn’t that impressive so it wouldn’t make a good presentation for a gift but the actual product is excellent and very accurate! I tested this thermometer against another thermometer I had in the house already and they both had the same reading so I was happy about that! It’s very easy to use which keeps it simple and it cleans up easy too. I also like that it’s priced at a good price point so it’s not expensive and it has a helpful chart on the front of it with the proper temperature for different types of meats. Mine was mailed to me as a sample so I could try it and post my opinion. Oh, and another thing I’d like to point out is the bright color, it makes it a lot easier to spot it in your kitchen drawer. I know that’s a minor detail but I thought I’d point it out. If your interested in this product you can find it on sale over HERE and the best part is that it’s currently marked down to $14.95 from $18.95.

Leading Gourmet Bamboo Cutting Board

2What a nice all natural cutting board and I love the fact that it’s naturally ecofriendly too! It’s defiantly a quality product and can be presented as a beautiful house warming gift, wedding gift or given as a Christmas or Hanukkah present. There are silicone feet on this cutting board, unlike other boards I’ve seen. Not only does the silicone hold it perfectly in place when you’re using it but it also keeps the board elevated so water can’t collect under the board causing the board to get ruined from water damage. Like I said before, this cutting board is naturally beautiful, it’s offered in dark blue or sage green silicone trim and it’s a really nice size to work with! Mine was mailed to me as a sample so I could try it for myself and post my opinion.

Bamboo is very popular among chefs because of the low maintenance factor. All you have to do is wipe it and let it air dry. Within 24 hours 99% of all bacteria that was on the cutting board had died due to the composition of the bamboo. On a side note, never put bamboo in the dishwater because it will ruin it! Your knifes won’t create scar marks on a board and it naturally resist water preventing it from penetrate it so bacteria can’t form on its surface. If your interested in this all bamboo cutting board you can find it HERE. It’s currently on sale for only $24.95 marked down from $42.95! You can save an additional 15% on top of the sale price by using the discount code: GOURMET2









My Review of the Greenco Automatic Pepper Mill & Salt Grinder

1Oh, wow! These are amazing in quality! They are beautiful, they’re electric (battery operated), feel sturdy in your hands and the grinding blade is actually made of ceramic! They are very easy to open and fill with no problem. I’m in love with salt and pepper grinders! LoL! How funny! Well, to get started just open the box, twist the top off, pop in 4 double A batteries in each grinder, fill with salt/pepper, close them back up then press the button when you want to dispense your salt(or pepper). These are a wonderful addition to any style kitchen and would make a really nice wedding, house warming or holiday gift! This is defiantly “gift giving quality” and will impress! Great gift for that person you don’t know what to buy for them! I got my set in the mail as a sample so I could try them out and post my honest feedback. I have no complaints what so ever about these beauties! I totally recommend them! If you’re interested in a set of these you can find them on sale on Amazon for only $12.99 for the set!

GIVEAWAY Alert! Enter to win the Smart Weight Digital Kitchen Scale!

scaleHi everyone! Today I decided to host a giveaway! I know everyone loves free stuff as much as I do so I’m giving away this beautiful digital kitchen scale to one lucky winner! The Smart Weight Digital Kitchen Scale is gorgeous, sleek and will fit in beautifully in just about any style kitchen! To enter just visit the official contest page HERE!

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