The world’s coolest sock box by KH by Kalani

OMG! I got the coolest socks ever in the mail!

I was sent a free sock subscription box by KH by Kalani so I could post a blog review about them and I was so excited when I opened the box because the socks are honestly that cute! I think I’m going to order more because I’m in love with their unicorn socks; which are part of their April subscription box.

The quality of each pair are outstanding too! When you wear them the pictures don’t stretch out or distort at all. They stay very bright and colorful just as they should. I totally love the sushi socks they sent me and the heart socks are just to die for! This brand was born because the designer herself has an obsession with cute funny socks!

Here’s their video

Get a discount!

I even requested a discount code for my readers if anyone is interested in ordering you can score 20% off (individual pairs) by using the discount code: MRand20

Just head over to the KH by Kalani site and take a peek at all the cute and trendy stuff they have.

Individual sock purchases can be made HERE

Here are the 2 pair I got in the mail!

KH by Kalani


April Box: Unicorn Socks and Watermelon Socks When you sign up, you’ll automatically be subscribed to receive Kalani’s Sock Box each month, which includes two new pairs of Kalani’s favorite socks. Cancel at any time. You can go HERE for the sock box subscription.

Love with Food – I subscribe to this service myself and love it! Love With Food Subscription Box

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