Why I Love ISA Xanadu 24K Gold Makeup Primer REVIEW #isaprofessional



This serum is wonderful! It has such a luxurious texture and glides on beautifully. You can tell by the packaging that this is a very high end facial product. The bottle it comes in is so pretty and the gold flakes really add to it. Not only does it glide on smooth but it contains Hyaluronic Acid which is very important to do away with fine lines and it’s also a primer meaning that your makeup will apply smoother and not get caked in the fine lines/wrinkles drawing even more attention to them! That alone makes this product worth its weight in gold! To add icing to the cake this serum also contains Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Rose Moisturizer all it one product! My bottle was mailed to me as a sample to try and post my opinion and like I said before, I LOVE this serum!


Review of tthe CSCS Advanced Pure Hyaluronic Acid Face Serum

First off let me say I’m extremely impressed with the price! I’ve reviewed several Hyaluronic Acid Serums and this one is by far a steal of a deal! You get an entire 2 oz bottle for only $13.95!!! When I got mine in the mail the first thing I noticed was the perfectly silky texture that I love so much. I’ve tried a few HA products that were actually watery which I’m not fond of. The reason I love this texture so much is because just one drop is enough to cover your entire face an neck because it’s so slick and it doesn’t leave any kind of sticky residue. It comes in a beautiful dark cobalt blue bottle to protect the serum from the light. If it wasn’t in a dark bottle to prevent light from getting to it then it would degrade the potency of the product. After using this serum day and night I noticed a drastic difference in the fine lines around my eyes and the edges of my lips. The beauty of HA serum is that it works right away and you can see the difference immediately which I LOVE! My bottle was mailed to me as a sample so that I could try it for myself and review it. After trying it I’m thrilled with it and will be ordering it again! I really like that it’s pure HA serum, it’s a nice size bottle; it’s made in the USA, and has the perfect texture! If you’re interested in purchasing this product you can find it on sale at Amazon for only $13.95!

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Review of Oz Naturals Hylauronic Acid Anti Aging Face Serum


  I’m really loving the consistency of this serum by Oz Naturals!! One drop spreads so well it’s amazing!! It contains Hylauronic Acid, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Rose Hips & Green Tea so if your interested in more of a natural facial serum then this is the one for you! As for results, I’ve noticed a huge difference in my face! My skin has a new brightness to it and the fine lines basically disappeared! I’m extremely excited about that. My bottle was mailed to me as a sample so I could try it for myself and personally review it. It’s actually made in the USA, not tested on animal, and it’s 98.9 % all natural! I’m thrilled with my results and I do recommend it! Priced at only $15.75 onAmazon I think this is a steal of a deal