Dairy Queen – Free Ice Cream Cone Monday, March 20, 2017


Dairy Queen – Free Ice Cream Cone on Monday, March 20th

No coupon or purchase required.

They will be accepting donations for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospital.


Some of the samples I’ve gotten in the mail this week

I just wanted to take the time to show everyone some of the samples I’ve gotten in the mail this week. Before I post a sample on my site I always request it myself to make sure it’s legitimate and not a scam. Basically, I filter out the trash for you guys!

The Purina ONE Cat Food sample is a very generous size considering cats eat such a small amount per meal and my kitty loves it! You can request the Purina ONE Cat Food Sample HERE.

The 2 Syntha-6 health bars are a really nice size sample too. If you’re interested in health food bars I really recommend you try this one. Also, it was mailed with a coupon included. CLICK HERE to find the link to order this sample.

The white package is Creamy Potato Soup. It includes 2 full servings in this one package. It’s basically prepper’s food to keep for emergencies such as being prepared for natural disaster. You can find the link for this free sample HERE.

The Emergency-C sample came with two different flavor packages and a coupon was included too. You can find the link for this sample HERE. I’d also like to point out this took a few weeks so come in so be patient.

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