Save your finger tips when using your curling iron!#review #isaprofessional #gotitfree

Why I love the ISA Heat Resistant Glove! Because I have curling irons and flat irons that I use, I was in need of this glove to save my poor fingers from burns! I’m right handed so I was using my left hand the wrap my hair around my curling iron and I was burning myself like crazy! This heat resistant glove by ISA can be used on either your right or left hand and its ultra-light weight so you can hardly even feel it when wearing it. Also, it’s nice and stretchy so one size fits all. It’s made of a material called Nomex Aramid, which is very heat resistant and also used by fire fighters. I like that I only need to wear one glove and it’s reusable saving me money. And even better its currently on sale for 50% off marked down to $10.08 from $19.99 so now is a really good time to buy! Just sayin’! CLICK HERE to order!


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ISA Professional Digital LCD Ceramic Flat Iron – $170 off! #Review #ISAprofessional

I was looking for a flat iron as a gift for a friend of mine. I found this one and ordered it. When it showed up in the mail I opened the box and was instantly jealous! Even the box it comes in is over the top quality. The packaging it comes in is so nice, glossy and slides open! You can actually repurpose the box and use it as a jewelry box if you’re in the mood for an art and craft project! You can tell this is a high end flat iron just by looking at the packaging!! I love this digital flat iron and it even has a lock button so you can lock the temperature to your favorite temp setting and it won’t accidently get changed if your fingers happen to bump the buttons. When you lock/unlock the temp setting you’ll hear a beep to let you know it’s been locked or unlocked and I really like that it lets you know. The buttons feel really responsive and durable; they are made of hard plastic and not cheap rubber that would crack over time. This flat iron is made of solid ceramic and not ceramic coated which is a very nice feature! It has a beautiful easy to read digital display that’s very nice and it comes with a high end professional grade power cord that’s nice and long which is really nice because it’s longer than the cords on most store bought flat irons on the market. The extra length is a real convenience! It also has a really nice swivel attachment on the bottom of this flat iron where the cord connects so that it won’t knot up on you when you’re trying to use it. The pivoting plates and spacing makes straightening thick hair a real breeze and it doesn’t tug or damage your hair! I totally recommend this flat iron! It’s truly amazing quality and a huge upgrade from a Chi! Mine was mailed to me so I could see the quality first hand and post my experience with it and my opinion! This flat iron is so high end you’ll want to start drooling over it if your friend gets one first! No kidding, it’s that good! This flat iron just feels so good holding in your hand! ISA products are the BEST! I own the ISA Smart Iron and I’m thrilled with that one!

This flat iron is currently on sale for only $129 (marked down from $299) so now is a great time to purchase one of your own if your in the market for a new flat iron!!! You can find it on sale HERE!

Review ISA SMART Flat Iron with Solid Tourmaline ceramic plates

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I just got the ISA SMART Flat Iron in the mail and I must admit it’s truly amazing! It has 100% solid tourmaline ceramic plates. That’s acutely kind of a big deal because most flat irons that make claims of having so called ceramic plates are only coated with ceramic meaning that if you scratch the plates of those irons you’ll expose medal. I’ve seen this for myself on an actual Chi flat iron! The best part about the ISA Smart Iron is it’s SMART feature that actually adjust the temperature FOR YOU! Yes, that’s right, it adjusts itself to the correct temperature based on your hair’s thickness, texture, and styling needs. Straighten without having to fiddle with temperature controls. It has a really nice long cord with a 360 degree swivel making the cord tangle free! My ISA Smart Iron was mailed to me as a product sample to try out and review. I’m so truly impressed with the ISA Smart Iron can’t hold myself back from telling everyone I know about it! It left my hair so pin straight, shiny & smooth! I’m in love with it! I love love love smart products!


* 100% Solid Tourmaline ceramic plates
* SMART Automatic Temperature adjustment
* Universal Voltage
* Fast and safe straightening, curls, waves
* 360 degree no tangle cord
* Full 2 year warranty

If your interested in this really awesome flat iron you can find it HERE! It’s regularly $299 but you can get it HERE for only $129.