Have you heard of the Magic School Bus science club?

Well I don’t know how many of you are interested in homeschooling your kids or if the thought has never crossed your mind but I wanted to tell you about the Magic School Bus Science club! Or maybe you’re just looking for something extra to help educate your children. I just love the idea of having science experiments for my children mailed to me each month. The kids love it and now they are available world wide!Science Delivered

Are you looking to add fun, scientific projects to your curriculum? Look no further than your favorite crew of curious adventurers – The Magic School Bus. Magic School Bus Science Club is a monthly subscription service that delivers science experiments for your kids to enjoy.

Also, I just heard some VERY exciting news. For the first time ever, Educents is offering to ship these science kits to kids WORLDWIDE!!

Who’s it for?

A subscription to the Magic School Bus Science Club is a great way to offer children a hands-on science lesson. The experiments included are perfect for children ages 5 to 10, but really, any science-oriented kids will get a blast out of the kit.

What’s included?


  • A large, detailed 12-page manual explaining the topics and each experiment

  • Each manual is based on the popular Magic School Bus books and TV series

  • If you’re an adult with little to NO science background, the kits come with easy instructions for you to follow

  • Materials and information necessary for a range of interactive experiments

  • Online Clubhouse resource is available to your and your child to get further explanation on each kit topic

  • Certificate of Completion — a special congratsBuy Now

What are people saying about the Magic School Bus Science Club?

Parents and teachers are constantly talking about the Magic School Bus Science Club. Jamerrill from Free Homeschool Deals shared a blog post of her kids have a blast with the science kits. Jamerrill says she could “open up a science kit, turn to a lesson page, and jump right into that hand-ons activity. It helps me feel like a ‘fun mom’ because we’re doing a science activity, and I didn’t have the stress or mess of pulling it all together.”


Kids will get so excited when each kit arrives to their door each month. I found this awesome video review by Eric Poor showing off a couple of human body experiments from the Magic School Bus subscription. Look at his face light up with a HUGE smile each time he does an experiment!!

Here’s some more feedback about the Science Kits from Educents shoppers:

“I was not expecting it to be this good.” – Amber W.

” I was really impressed by the hands-on approach of learning, and then having it explained so that a child would understand it. I would highly recommend this!”  – Kelly L.

“I feel this is perfect as a hands-on activity to supplement the worksheets we download from other sellers.” – Sasha B.

How to Get the Science Kits

Educents Magic School Bus Science Club

The Magic School Bus Science Science Kits are available on Educents for a great price. For the first time ever, Educents is offering to ship these kits internationally! The kits are finally available to learners around the world – Australia, Asia, Europe – you name the place and Ms. Frizzle will be there with a science adventure for your child!

Buy Now

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Want to keep the house clean this year? One mom says “The Zone Cleaning System is what every mom needs!”

Looking for a great system to organize chores (and completion)? One mom suggest Zone Cleaning for Kids. “I cannot imagine a better spent $20! I am not even kidding– my house looks stellar, and my kids have that feeling of accomplishment, knowing they’ve worked hard and done an amazing job.”

What is included?
A fully-laminated flip chart, allowing for all sections to be checked with a dry-erase marker and/or customized by Mom or Dad with a wet-erase marker.
Instructional DVD that walks children through the process, demonstrating the correct way to complete each task. The DVD also gives parents tips on how to best utilize the program.
Dry-erase marker.
Basket labels used for cleaning the bedroom.
Kid-friendly Cleaning Solutions E-Book filled with frugal, non-toxic cleansers you can make yourself.
Now with bonus Laundry Clean ‘n’ Flip!

This fun and unique chore system is designed to help children visually and systematically work through cleaning the kitchen, living room/entry, bathroom and bedrooms independently and with ease.
Step-by-step illustrations make chores simple — non-readers can easily follow along! Simply flip to the first page in the laminated flip chart and follow the illustrated instructions. Use the included dry erase marker to check the box then flip the page!

Oh, and the best part is that it’s currently on sale for only $19.95!! You can find it over HERE