REVIEW of the Baby Sonny Drool Bibs!

bibsI just received a set of Baby Sonny Drool Bibs ( #BabySonny ) in the mail and I just say these are really high in quality, very adorable, and fashionable bandana bibs! You get 4 in a set and each one comes in a different pattern! What’s really nice about these bibs is that they are made of 100% high quality Organic cotton and polyester! The under side of the bibs are extremely soft and reminds me of the material baby blankets are made of!

91Ab3KoRl6L._SL1500_A lot of attention was paid to detail in the stitching so they won’t fray or come apart and each bib has 2 sets of snaps behind the neck making them adjustable which is a huge plus!! I just love the bright colors and patterns used. In my opinion these would make a really nice shower gift for a mom to be if your in the market for a baby gift or maybe just looking for some quality drool bibs for your cutie pie! I know the package refers to these as “drool” bibs but I use them during feedings and they did a great job. The food didn’t soak threw them. I was sent a sample of these bibs free for testing and review purposes and I can tell you these decently met my expectations and more! Baby Sonny is a newer brand to hit the market but I can tell you its high end stuff! If your interested in purchasing these you can find the best price on them HERE. #BabySonny #cute #baby