Mommy Monday Review of the Peptide + Intense Eye Recovery Serum

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Today I wanted to post my personal review of the Peptide+ Intense Eye Recovery Serum and tell you how much I love it! I ordered this product to try on my lovely sweetie! My husband who works long hours and gets very little sleep because he’s a physician has the nastiest or should I said HAD the nastiest dark circles under his eyes!!! I’m not kidding either they were extremely bad to the point they were actually purplish black! I ordered this eye serum for him and just about over night they were so much better and almost gone. It’s helped about 95%, which in my opinion is a huge difference. This stuff is magic in a tube and they now have a new customer because I’ll be ordering more for him when the tube runs out! The packaging is an odd choice for a tube but it does the job. The product isn’t in a regular type pump bottle like most eye creams. Guess the company wants their product to stand out. I got my tube as a sample so we could try it and report on our results, which were positive by the way! Lick I said before, the tube it comes in is a bit odd. If your interested in purchasing this eye serum or reading other reviews about it you can find it on Amazon by clicking HERE!