Free pill box complements of GoodRX

Do you happen to be in need of a new pillbox? If so, GoodRX is offering free pill boxes! All you have to do is request one! CLICK HERE To request yours!

On a side note, I love the GoodRX app! I have no affiliation with them whatsoever but I do use their smartphone app when picking up prescriptions because it lets you type the name of your prescription and dose. In turn it gives you the price for branded as well as generic price at all your local pharmacies. For example, you can choose the least expensive pharmacy and get your medications filled there! I’ve actually seen firsthand where one prescription was $20 across the street but the pharmacy we were standing in was charging $100 !! All we had to do was drive across the street!

Also, if your not to tech savvy they do have a website that will do the same thing as the app. 

REVIEW – SantaMedical Wrist Blood Pressure Cuff

bloodpressurebloodpressure3I choose the SantaMedical Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor because I’m able to easily use it on myself because it’s made for the wrist. It’s extremely easy to strap it on to your own wrist and the monitor faces you for easy reading of the numbers. I’d also like to point out the numbers are very large and easy to read for someone who has a harder time seeing smaller things. I took it to the clinic where I work and the doctor was very impressed with it. We even compared it against the manual and the automated blood pressure cuffs in our clinic and I’m pleased to say this little thing was VERY accurate! I was mailed mine as a sample for product testing and reviewing purposes and I must admit this wrist cuff passed with flying colors! Priced at only $19.95 I can’t help but recommend it! It even comes with it’s own case to keep it stored in when not being used. It’s small enough that you could even keep in it a purse or bag. It would be a great option for a home health nurse because it’s so portable! I also like that if I’m using it on someone else I don’t have to ask them to remove their coat or any thick clothing that may be in the way (on the arm). If you’re interested in purchasing this wrist blood pressure monitor you can find the lowest price HERE!