You can score FREE eco-friendly toys!

Untitled-8Attention mommy’s or those of you with little ones in your life! Here’s a chance to get free eco-friendly toys, books and activities! It’s a new site launch and all they ask is that you share their link to get the word out. CLICK HERE to sign up!

This toilet can actually flush 20 golf balls!

img_4130Well, I’m pretty sure you’ve never seen anything like the Eco QUATTRO Flushing Technology. It’s the “most advanced flushing system on the market today,” and after you watch the demonstration video for yourself you’ll see what I mean! This toilet effortlessly flushes down two pounds of carrots, 3 pounds of dog food, a bucket of golf balls, and more. Also, not only does this toilet excel in its class with its advanced technology but it uses less water than a 3.5 gallon model making it more eco friendly! You can find the companies website here.