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Easter Basket filler idea!

71k4wSIAcBL._SL1000_I found some of the coolest finger paints ever and right now its on sale for only $16.99 + free Prime shipping! This is a really neat product for the crafty kiddo’s! It washes up easy with just plain water and so fun the way the bottles attach like puzzle pieces. The kids love playing with the bottles, attaching and unattaching them and shaping them how they want the bottles and the other upside to this is that when I put them away I know they are all going to stay together and none will get lost. Also, the tops of the bottles are little stampers with the foam shapes. Also, these are great items for putting in Easter Baskets!! I was mailed a free set to try and I can tell you they were a huge hit at my house!

If you’re interested in ordering a set you can find it HERE.

If you’re not a Prime member already you can get a free 30 day membership HERE. You’ll get unlimited Free 2-Day Shipping, streaming movies, free kindle books, and access to Amazon Family for extra 20% off diapers. If you’re a student with a .edu address you can get a free 6 month Prime membership + 50% off your Prime membership.

Save $10 on a FabFitFun Box with discount code: FUN10
Each box is a $200 Value with all FULL SIZE brand name products but you can score it for only $39! This is an INCREDIBLE deal and a big savings.



Sushi Bazooka All in 1 Sushi Maker Giveaway


The Sushi Bazooka is the all in one sushi maker. All you have to do is add your favorite ingredients to the loading tray and BOOM the perfect sushi roll right at home every time!

The Sushi Bazooka makes sushi and is BPA-free and dishwasher safe.

I own one of these and I love it! I’m a total amateur and I get a perfect sushi roll every time! CLICK HERE to enter the Sushi Bazooka Giveaway.

*Bargain Alert* 27 Piece Cake Decorating Set Only $8.99 w/ Frosting Tips, Bags & Case!

If you love baking thin this may interest you! Right now you can score a cake decorating tip set with FREE Reusable silicone icing bag. 27 Piece Baking Tools Supply and Storage Case. Professional Stainless Steel Piping/Dispenser Nozzle Kit for only $8.99  (that’s 40% off)! It  ships free with Prime.

If you’re not a Prime member already you can get a free 30 day membership HERE. You’ll get unlimited Free 2-Day Shipping, streaming movies, free kindle books, and access to Amazon Family for extra 20% off diapers. If you’re a student with a .edu address you can get a free 6 month Prime membership + 50% off your Prime membership.

  • Cake Decorating with Flair – This complete set of piping bags and tips adds stars, French swirls, leaves and petals, flowers, and more to cakes, cupcakes, and cookies!
  • Professional Versatility – Make sweet treats for yourself, kids or coworkers; our decorator tips are ideal for two and tone cakes, marbling and striping.
  • Reusable, Non-Stick Design – Crafted with food-grade safe stainless steel, our piping tips are nontoxic, rust resistant, easy to clean and completely dishwasher safe.
  • Easy Squeeze Pastry Bags – Every 24-piece set of decorating tips comes complete with 2 reusable couplers and 3 icing bags to help create the perfect delicious look.
  • Convenient Storage Case – While there’s always a great time to enjoy sweet confections, when our tips are not in use, simply put them in the added storage tray.

CLICK HERE to get this deal before it’s sold out.

Have you heard of toothbrush style makeup brushes?! They ROCK!

O.k, I know I haven’t done a blog post in a while but that’s because I didn’t find anything worth talking about till now! I’m so excited over this new style make up brush I just found that I honestly can’t stop talking about it! They seriously ROCK (ummmmm… like no other makeup brush has rocked before)! I just got a set of Docolor Makeup Brushes in the mail and was asked to review them. At first I didn’t think much of them until I tried them. All I can say is OMG THEY ARE AMAZING. I’ve been using them for about 2 weeks now and I’m so impressed with the quality. I have to admit I wasn’t to sure about them when I ordered them because the price was so much more affordable than the Artis brushes. Well, I was pleasantly surprised!! These are just as good if not better that the Artis Brand brushes but literally a 10th of the price! An equivalent set would be about $450 if you bought the Artis Brand. These brushes have exceeded my expectations big time! They are so incredibly soft and they even seem to actually cut down on my make up application time. They don’t soak up your foundation and they blend your makeup effortlessly and beautifully. Even my one year old loves rubbing them on her face (without makeup of course)! She loves to imitate mommy!

The toothbrush shape of the handle actually makes the brushes so much easier to hold that it honestly makes me wonder why all makeup brushes don’t have this type of handle because it really is ergonomically better. The toothbrush shaped handles are shaped that way for applying makeup to yourself where as the brushes with the traditional straight handles are made more for makeup artist applying makeup to someone else. I haven’t figured out how to use the eye shadow brushes yet but I’ve watched YouTube videos and the girls make it look effortless and their eye makeup applies perfectly. I think it’s just that “I” haven’t learned how to use them to apply eye makeup yet. In other words the eye brushes have a learning curb.

1. No shedding
2. No color fading
3. They are silky soft
4. Ergonomic handles

1. A slight learning curb with eyeshadow brushes. I wish the brushes were labeled.

All in all I’d highly recommend these because there really are that good!

Sample sent for review.

The best price I found for the Docolor toothbrush style makeup brushes is on Amazon on sale for $32.99 for a 10 brush set. They were originally $52.78 so that’s about a 20% savings!



Valentine Pink Silicone Baking Bundle Review #MuffinPan #gotitfree



This is a really nice Valentine baking bundle BrilliantChef! They were kind enough to send me a free set to try and I love the silicone baking pan but with the set included 2 pans instead of just one because I bake my cup cakes in batches on twos but that’s ok! The cup cake liners and silicone spatula are a very nice touch. I didn’t get a chance to use the silicone brush as of yet because I did not apply an egg wash to anything yet. When I was done baking everything popped out easily without sticking, the pan rinsed off easy and then I was able to actually roll the pan up and stuff in in a drawer with my other silicone baking pans. The best part is that it’s on sale 50% off in time for valentines Day? It’s normally $29.97 but today is only $14.97! That’s a savings of $15!! You can order here

[Sample provided for review]

Want your #kids to keep the #house #clean this year? Here’s how! #review

Want to keep the house clean this year? One mom says “The Zone Cleaning System is what every mom needs!”

Looking for a great system to organize chores (and completion)? One mom suggest Zone Cleaning for Kids. “I cannot imagine a better spent $20! I am not even kidding– my house looks stellar, and my kids have that feeling of accomplishment, knowing they’ve worked hard and done an amazing job.”

What is included?
A fully-laminated flip chart, allowing for all sections to be checked with a dry-erase marker and/or customized by Mom or Dad with a wet-erase marker.
Instructional DVD that walks children through the process, demonstrating the correct way to complete each task. The DVD also gives parents tips on how to best utilize the program.
Dry-erase marker.
Basket labels used for cleaning the bedroom.
Kid-friendly Cleaning Solutions E-Book filled with frugal, non-toxic cleansers you can make yourself.
Now with bonus Laundry Clean ‘n’ Flip!

This fun and unique chore system is designed to help children visually and systematically work through cleaning the kitchen, living room/entry, bathroom and bedrooms independently and with ease.
Step-by-step illustrations make chores simple — non-readers can easily follow along! Simply flip to the first page in the laminated flip chart and follow the illustrated instructions. Use the included dry erase marker to check the box then flip the page!

Oh, and the best part is that it’s currently on sale for only $19.95!! You can find it over HERE


Premium Liquid Chalk Markers REVIEW #kynsachalkmarkers


These are not only great for writing on chalk board labels and other smooth surfaces but they are perfect for your kids in the bathtub!! You can give them to your kids to draw in the tub as long as it’s a smooth surface and not a porous surface like natural stone tile. You can also turn the front of your refrigerator into a dry erase board which makes for a great grocery list spot. Same goes for the microwave door, draw on it or turn it into a dry erase board!! It wipes off perfectly with a magic sponge and water. I love these chalk markers! They get 5 stars from me! If your interested in purchasing these liquid chalk markers you can find them on sale over HERE!

[Sample provided for review]

Do you love Legos but not the price? REVIEW


I’m thrilled with this set of (generic) Legos! They fit with all of our other Legos! Even though they are generic they still fit perfect providing lots of variety with both color and size. It would have cost in the hundreds to purchase this many if it they were Legos Brand! I was a bit skeptical at first because all the other times I’ve tried buying generic Legos they were always smaller than the brand name ones but these are not! I totally recommend these and they would be perfect for a Lego themed child’s birthday party. Just fill a handful of them into little party favor bags and tie with a bow! This is a great buy! You can find this 1,000 piece set on Amazon by clicking HERE! To make this deal even sweeter it’s even on sale!



Sample provided for review

Time Saving Holiday Party Besuty Makeup Tips For Getting Ready Fast

Now why didn’t I think of this! As a mommy it’s hard to find time to get ourselves ready.  This video tells how to literally shave time off getting your hair and makeup done quick and easy! I’m so impressed with these beauty tips. 

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