The world’s coolest sock box by KH by Kalani

OMG! I got the coolest socks ever in the mail!

I was sent a free sock subscription box by KH by Kalani so I could post a blog review about them and I was so excited when I opened the box because the socks are honestly that cute! I think I’m going to order more because I’m in love with their unicorn socks; which are part of their April subscription box.

The quality of each pair are outstanding too! When you wear them the pictures don’t stretch out or distort at all. They stay very bright and colorful just as they should. I totally love the sushi socks they sent me and the heart socks are just to die for! This brand was born because the designer herself has an obsession with cute funny socks!

Here’s their video

Get a discount!

I even requested a discount code for my readers if anyone is interested in ordering you can score 20% off (individual pairs) by using the discount code: MRand20

Just head over to the KH by Kalani site and take a peek at all the cute and trendy stuff they have.

Individual sock purchases can be made HERE

Here are the 2 pair I got in the mail!

KH by Kalani


April Box: Unicorn Socks and Watermelon Socks When you sign up, you’ll automatically be subscribed to receive Kalani’s Sock Box each month, which includes two new pairs of Kalani’s favorite socks. Cancel at any time. You can go HERE for the sock box subscription.

Love with Food – I subscribe to this service myself and love it! Love With Food Subscription Box

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You Have to See This Fire Station’s Christmas Card Featuring 6 Babies Born in 2016 | Parents

If you’re looking for a sweet holiday story that will bring a smile to your face well I found one for you! The Durant Fire Department in Oklahoma was trying to decide what to put on their Christmas Cards this year and came up with such a cute idea. Normally they put a picture of the Fire House or a picture of all the guys standing in front of the Fire House but this time one of the wife’s decided it would be pretty special to put a picture of all the babies born to the firemen this year. Considering the depart is only made up of 33 firemen having 6 babies born in 2016 is a pretty big deal not to mention all the adorableness!  Also, you have to keep in mind the magic it must have took to get all six of these little ones to cooperate for the shoot!

Source: You Have to See This Fire Station’s Christmas Card Featuring 6 Babies Born in 2016 | Parents

Get 8 #FREE #Pampers Gifts to Grow Codes #diapers #pregnant #mommy

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I #Love Lucy Checks! Only $5.99 a box ! #CouponCodes

vintage-lucy-checks_md_5These are some of my favorite checks. Who doesn’t just love I Love Lucy! I have ordered from Checks Unlimited several times and the quality of their products are top notch! Currently they’re running a sale! Get checks for $5.50/box (singles), $6.50/box (duplicates), plus a FREE 4th box, FREE lettering, shipping & handling at Checks Unlimited! Code: 9TNT

Check out the new, vintage I Love Lucy designs at Checks Unlimited

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A Kitten With An Unusual Looking Nose. When The Vet Removed The Problem OMG!

Fair warning this video is graphic but all pet owners need to know about this. It normally strikes cats but sometimes dogs can get it to so it’s better to know about it than not to. It’s cause is a larva called a Cuterebra. It normally strikes during hot summer months. If you discover this on your pet you should get them to the vet right away and not try to remove it yourself because you wouldn’t want it to rupture and cause your pet an infection. It doesn’t normally get this large because it usually discovered much sooner and it doesn’t normally attach itself in the nose like this.

My Review Of The #VelocityToys Ice Cream Cart

#velocitytoys I was asked to review the Velocity Toys Ice Cream & Sweets Cart Children’s Kid’s Pretend Play Toy Food Play Set w/ Lights, Sounds

by Velocity Toys! Over all this is an extremely cute toy and I’m happy with it! There really are no instructions but it’s so easy to figure out you honestly don’t need instructions even though there are picture directions on the side of the box with diagrams! The rods that the wheels attach to are tucked inside of the post that holds the roof on so if you can’t find them look there! It took me a bit to figure that out. The stickers are really easy to apply so that wasn’t an issue. I really like the sound effect this toy ice cream cart makes. The sound stays on until it’s actually turned off so I can see a possibility for the batteries needing to be changed often. You may not even want to put batteries in it in the first place to be honest. I’m rating this toy 5 stars because it’s so adorable!!! There are lots of small parts so if a younger child playing with it i’d picking up the accessories because they would become a chocking hazard. Mine was mailed to me as a product sample so we could try it out and I could post my opinion and like I said before, I think it’s so darn cute and would make a really nice Christmas, Hanakkah or birthday gift!


Your Daily Dose Of Cuteness! It’s The Bulldog Skateboarding World Record!!!

Are you ready for your daily dose of cuteness?!

Well, a bulldog by the name of Otto has set a world skateboarding record in Lima, Peru on November 12, 3015 (which also happens to be my birthday I might add!). The foot tall pooch (that’s not pint size by all means) managed to slide right through 30 pairs of legs. This achievement earned him official recognition in the Guinness Book of World Records. Otto now holds the title ‘for the longest human tunnel, traveled through by a dog on a skateboard.’ Awesome job, now thow the dog a bone please!!!

REVIEW of the Baby Sonny Drool Bibs!

bibsI just received a set of Baby Sonny Drool Bibs ( #BabySonny ) in the mail and I just say these are really high in quality, very adorable, and fashionable bandana bibs! You get 4 in a set and each one comes in a different pattern! What’s really nice about these bibs is that they are made of 100% high quality Organic cotton and polyester! The under side of the bibs are extremely soft and reminds me of the material baby blankets are made of!

91Ab3KoRl6L._SL1500_A lot of attention was paid to detail in the stitching so they won’t fray or come apart and each bib has 2 sets of snaps behind the neck making them adjustable which is a huge plus!! I just love the bright colors and patterns used. In my opinion these would make a really nice shower gift for a mom to be if your in the market for a baby gift or maybe just looking for some quality drool bibs for your cutie pie! I know the package refers to these as “drool” bibs but I use them during feedings and they did a great job. The food didn’t soak threw them. I was sent a sample of these bibs free for testing and review purposes and I can tell you these decently met my expectations and more! Baby Sonny is a newer brand to hit the market but I can tell you its high end stuff! If your interested in purchasing these you can find the best price on them HERE. #BabySonny #cute #baby


What do you think about this type of..

What do you think about this type of sticker chart for chores? #funny #dad #chores #kids