Review Welch’s Refreshingly Simple

#Welchs #SimpleyDelicious 

We were sent a free full size sample of Welch’s Refreshingly Simple juice in Peach Mango and it’s so much more natural with the simple ingredient lable that I decided it will be a much better choice for my little Helena’s juice cup! She loves it, mommy loves it and it’s more natural so we’re both happy! I love that they skipped the what artificial sweeteners!


FREE BzzAgent Magnet Review

I’m so excited to get a #FREE BzzAgent magnet in the mail yesterday! You can find the video review I did about it here! I know it sounds silly to be excited over a free magnet but let me explain! When you join BzzAgent you become part of a growing community of professional reviewers meaning that you’re mailed free products in exchange for an honest review. Notice the key word is “honest” meaning they don’t want you to sugar coat your review and claim a product is wonderful when it’s really junk or not so great. The way the program’s works is first they start you off with a campaign that contains a free magnet. Yeah, that’s not to exciting but once you compleat that review then you’ll start getting invited to join campaigns where you’ll get other free items to review that are even better. So if you love getting free stuff and you love giving your opinion this could be perfect for you! #gotitfree #free #bzzagent #review