Apply to get FREE Dude Wipes | The company is looking for Ambassadors

dude.jpgFree Dude Wipes

Apply to get free Dude wipes! They are looking for ambassadors willing to share their thoughts on social media. These are wipes formulated for men on the go to wipe away sweat  from working outdoors, going to the gym, or whatever else you can think of.


  • Opportunity to earn Free Dude Wipes and Dude Gear
  • Sponsorship opportunities for amateur athletes, intramural sports, parties or campus events
  • College Credit – If applicable, please note and we’ll send internship details

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Attention Guys (or girls) | Free sample of Storm AND Shock Therapy from Universal Nutrition 


Free sample of Storm and Shock Therapy

Like thunder and lightning, the Shock Therapy™ and Storm™ Mass Stack is a powerful experience to behold. First, the power and raw energy of Shock Therapy™ course through your veins, using nitric oxide activators, an advanced creatine formula, energy and nootropic factors and antioxidants to drive you through the most grueling workouts. Second comes Storm, the next generation of creatine supplementation. Storm™ floods your hungry muscle cells with a cutting edge blend of four creatines along with its iNOXsulin-7™ volumizing complex. The Shock Therapy™ and Storm™ stack leaves you pumped, energized and ready to grow. Witness the strength of the Mass Stack, only from Universal Nutrition.

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*Hurry* Bulu Box is on sale for only $5.99 + $5 back in points – Fitness + Weight Loss

*OMG* Right now you can get Bulu Box basically free (almost)! The site is running a promotion so it’s only $5.99 but you get $5 back in points + free shipping making it basically free if you do the math!! I don’t know how long this deal will last! Use discount code: DISCOVERY and CLICK HERE to take advantage of this deal!


Bulu Box is a monthly fitness and weight loss subscription box. Their original Bulu Box is focused more on fitness and supplements, and they also have a Weight Loss box that features healthy products and diet supplements.

Want a free sample of AdvoCare? #free


Here’s a nice sample for all you health nuts! Support your healthy lifestyle by incorporating more fiber and plant-derived phytonutrients into your diet with this delicious lemon-flavored powder. AdvoGreens™ Greens Powder features a greens and vegetable powder blend that provides antioxidants, including vitamins A, C and E, to help enhance your overall wellness and digestive health.*

View AdvoGreens Supplement Facts Information here.

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While supplies last.

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2 Great samples totally #free Compete Energy Bites! One bite equals one cup of #coffee

Get your free samples of 2 great tasting flavors of Compete Energy Bites. One bite equals one cup of coffee! I already ordered my sample kit. The form is very simple and quick to fill out.

I just got my samples in the mail and they are a very nice size and extremely yummy too! Took about 3 weeks to get in the mail.


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