Free Birth Control Sample | Free Contraceptive Film


Free Contraceptive Film

Try a free sample of birth control in the form of contraceptive film. I’ve seen this product before but never used it or even looked at the box on the shelf twice. I had no idea it was even a film until I saw this freebie offered.

GO HERE to request your free sample.


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Free Condoms for 6th Graders: Totally Freaks Me Out, but Still a Great Idea | CafeMom


Yes, you read that right! Free condoms for  11 year old’s in 6th grade! Do you think 11 and 12 year old’s in middle school should be provided with free condoms without parental consent? Would you want your child’s school providing your preteen with condoms?  I know this is a very controversial topic so I’m not even going to post my opinion but I thought it was worth posting the article. You can read more about it here.

Source: Free Condoms for 6th Graders: Totally Freaks Me Out, but Still a Great Idea | CafeMom