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Cozypony Portable Selfie Stick In Pink – REVIEW

Yay! A pink selfie stick that’s stupidity proof!! Ok, now that I have that out of the way you know I LOVE pink! What’s great about this selfie stick is that even the most un-tech savvy person can use it! Just plug it in to charge the battery and then your ready to pair it with your smart phone. This stick is very sturdy, does not bow, yet its very compact and it’s very easy to insert your phone into the holder part (including the larger models smart phones on the market these days). I received the selfie as a free sample and was asked to product test it and review it. Like I said I’m very impressed with it, it totally met my expectations and more! I recommend it highly & can’t think of any cons. I’ll be using it to update my blog on a regular bases because it makes picture taking a breeze. I didn’t even realized I need at this until I got one! It’s amazing!

pinkselfiestick pinkselfiestick3 pinkselfiestick2