Millions of Amazon Sellers & Reviewers Left in SHOCK! Amazon Reviewer Policy Update is BIG NEWS!

gettyimages-521186348.jpgAmazon made a really big change to their Community as of Oct 5th leaving over 3 million sellers in SHOCK including the millions of Amazon reviewers! This affects all reviewers in a big way as well as sellers!

So what’s the big news? Reviews ON AMAZON can no longer be written in exchange for free or discounted products.

Businesses wanting to market their products and gain honest reviews can still have their products reviewed and blogged about on other platforms such as personal blogs (such as this one), Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

So basically if you’re a reviewer and your caught leaving a review on amazon, even with a disclosure such as, “I received this product in exchange for an honest review” or “Sample sent for review purposes”, your putting your Amazon account at risk of being deleted! Crazy in my opinion but that’s Amazons new updated policy.

I personally use a site called Tomoson to find my products to review. What they are doing is removing the option to leave Amazon reviews but they are leaving the social media options and blog options. So if you’re a reviewer and you still want to get free products to review you can still find them on the site. And from the business persons stand point (the sellers), what business in the world has never ran a sale or advertisement for their product? I don’t believe Amazon is trying to prevent free or discounted products or prevent sellers from gaining advertisement for their products.

Businesses can still send products for free or at a discounted price while requesting posts on other social media platforms such as Facebook or Youtube.

My personal opinion about the Amazon policy update is that I think is sucks!