My Personal Review Of The 3D Lash Mascara

3d3Holy cow, this stuff is like magic! Works just as good if not better than the more expensive 3D lash brands. I highly recommend saving your money and buying this one! The same as the other brands you have to follow the directions and apply it correctly. It does help if warm the transplanting gel in a cup of hot tap water for a few mins like another reviewer recommended. While that’s warming up apply your regular mascara and let it dry because it acts as a base coat. Grab your transplanting gel and apply it to your lashes. Before it dries hurry and apply the fibers to the tips of your lashes, then apply the transplanting get again to seal it. If you’d like more repeat with another coat of the fibers and get until you get the desired look your wanting. I recommend taking your time the first few times until you get use to it as to prevent clumps. Once you have your method down pat you’ll be able to quickly apply this and run out the door to start your day. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to take advantage of a discounted bottle to test this product and review it. I’m so glad I did because I was very skeptical at first but now I love it!

You can find my full Amazon Review HERE!

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