Samples I’ve received in the mail & Prizes I’ve won

I just wanted to take the time to show everyone some of the samples I’ve gotten in the mail this week. Before I post a sample on my site I always request it myself to make sure it’s legitimate and not a scam. Basically, I filter out the trash for you guys!

The Purina ONE Cat Food sample is a very generous size considering cats eat such a small amount per meal and my kitty loves it! You can request the Purina ONE Cat Food Sample HERE.

The 2 Syntha-6 health bars are a really nice size sample too. If you’re interested in health food bars I really recommend you try this one. Also, it was mailed with a coupon included. CLICK HERE to find the link to order this sample.

The white package is Creamy Potato Soup. It includes 2 full servings in this one package. It’s basically prepper’s food to keep for emergencies such as being prepared for natural disaster. You can find the link for this free sample HERE.

The Emergency-C sample came with two different flavor packages and a coupon was included too. You can find the link for this sample HERE. I’d also like to point out this took a few weeks so come in so be patient.

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Today I checked my mail to find my PinchMe box finally came it! Some reason this one took quite a few weeks to get but that’s OK because it has full size make up in this box! What girl doesn’t just love lip gloss and eye liner! Inside I found a full size tube of Cover Girl lip gloss #710 Berryliclous (My favorite color)! Woohoo! I was also sent a full size Cover Girl Perfect Point Plus Pencil in #200 Black Onyx. What’s really nice about this eye pencil is that it’s self sharpening and easy to apply! Also, it’s water resistant which is a plus! I thought I was being sent a coupon for a free Cover Girl So Lashy Mascara but instead I got a $2 off coupon so I might buy it but not sure. Also, as you can see from the pictures I was sent a foundation sample card with small bits of Cover Girl foundation in each foil. That’s not my favorite kind of sample to get in the mail because it’s a one time use sample but I guess it’s good for color matching. Other than make up I was also sent a deluxe size sample of Olay body wash, Color Grabbers and a really nice dish rag. If you’d like to start getting free samples from PinchMe in the mail you can sign up HERE.


Today I check my mail to find a sample of Poise pads in the mail. It comes with a very nice zipper bag and I like the fact that it doesn’t have “Poise” printed on the bag so it’s discrete and reusable. Included are 3 different size pads to try. It also includes a free $2 off coupon located behind the shipping label so watch not to throw it in the trash. You can order this sample by going HERE

I’m sooo very excited! I got my deluxe PinchMe blogger box in the mail today so I can tell you about the PinchMe site and show you what you can expect when you get your PinchMe box in the mail! Your box may not have the same freebies as mine because they customize the box to you. I love getting freebies in the mail! Thank you PinchMe!!

Here’s a sneak peek at what samples will be available starting this upcoming Tuesday also known as “PinchME Tuesday“! So be on the look out for these samples. Oh course, you need to be sure to log in to your PinchME account to make sure you filled out all your surveys so the company can match you up with relevant samples to you!

downloadI WON! I WON! Gold Leaf Gourmet give away and I’m so excited to be one of their winners! Thank you Gold Leaf Gourmet!


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