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Attention Mom’s and Dad’s!! Here’s a freebie for your little ones to help them learn to write their letters! The animals are so cute and it’s a totally free download from the Educents website! All you have to do is add it to your shopping card then click check out and it will allow you to download it free so you can print it from your home computer. This is a wonderful freebie for home schooling parents, teachers or just parents looking to teach their children at home. You can download it HERE!


FREE Seasonal and Holiday Children’s Activities


I know moms are always on the look out for activities to keep their little ones busy so when I saw this I wanted to be sure to share it with you all. A big thank you to the Gee Whiz Educational site for sharing it free.

FREE Pumpkin Activity booklet that contains activities for all ages. To get your copy, simply click the link below OR go to our website, and look under the “Seasonal and Holiday Activities” tab under “Our Product.”

CLICK HERE for your free copy.

REVIEW Sleeping with Your Baby: A Parent’s Guide to Cosleeping

1If you’ve ever wondered to yourself how it’s possible that babies around the world have survived billions of years of history sleeping with their parents when it’s supposedly so dangerous, then this book is defiantly for you! If your family and friends are always telling you your wrong, your doing it wrong or it’s dangerous, this book is for you! Personally I highly recommend co-sleeping. I didn’t realize how healthy it is for your child’s mental development until I came home from the hospital with my very first child! Your baby needs and craves that closeness and requires those oh so important snuggles because it helps reduce night time anxiety and night terrors in young babies & children resulting in a confident child. It actually keeps them relaxed, calm and comforted. That’s why when your try to put your infant down after they have fallen asleep in your arms they tend to wake up immediately. When they are very young they’re extremely aware of their surroundings. It’s simple nature because mom is their life line for food, warmth, and meeting their needs. This idea of putting your infant down in a beautifully decorated nursery across or down the hall from you is actually a new concept that started in the last 100 years or so. If you think about it you’ll notice that it’s natural to co-sleep and bed share with your baby. Just abot every animal you can think of sleeps with their young. Think about a dog that just had a litter of puppies or a lion, bear, monkey, etc. They all sleep with their young. Why is that? If you are stumbling through the early days of parenting wondering why your baby screams bloody murder every time you lay him in his crib, think about why that is. My little Helena certainly told me right away! This book is an incredibly easy read and isn’t overly long and hard to read. The author offers many different options and leaves it to each family to decide what works best for them. For each option, he also offers information about when it would not be safe. Also, Dr. McKenna goes on to explain, how the Juvenile Products Commission is actually lobbyists for the crib-makers (sounds like a few mixed interest there right). Dr. McKenna’s credentials are impeccable. He also has some really great information about SIDS. Did you know that when a baby sleeps in their own crib they are more likely to go into what’s called stage 3 and 4 sleep meaning they’re in a much deeper sleep and the baby who sleeps in the bed with their parents go into a stage 1 or 2 sleep which reduces the chances of SIDS by about 50%!!! The babies that are in a deeper sleep (stage 3 or 4) have a much harder time waking themselves up resulting in SIDS. This is especially true for breastfeeding babies who are co-sleeping/bed sharing and nursing during the night. It’s the same theory as babies sleeping with a pacifier.

Basically this book explains the “proper” way to bed share!

You Can Find Sleeping With Your Baby BY James McKenna, PhD on Amazon for only $12.78 (soft cover) and the kindle version is listed for $10.49.










That one added feature that saved the lives of so many children

Pretty much everyone has heard of ballpoint pens. But hardly anyone has put much thought into why the cap is designed the way it is, am I right?
The BIC company unveiled this design to the world in 1991 which remained completely unnoticed by the majority of people! What was changed? Well, there is now a small hole in the top of the cap of the extremely popular Cristal Pen. Many people didn’t even notice the innovation.

Yet, the decision to switch this design has saved the lives of large numbers of toddlers & small children (including a few adults). More than a hundred children in fact. We all know how much small children love putting just about everything they touch or pick up in their mouths and no matter how hard we try to keep them safe, we as parents are human and we do miss things or somehow our children manage to outsmart us no matter how hard we try with our baby proofing efforts.

A pen cap can very easily get lodged in the windpipe of a child. If such an awful situations were to arise, that little hole in the cap helps get just enough oxygen to the child providing valuable time for the paramedics to rush your little one to the emergency room.

Free Life Cycle Of Frogs lesson plan! FREE DOWNLOAD!

If your a teacher, home schooling or just interested in something educational for your pre-k or kindergartner, I have a FREEBIE for you! Download a free lesson plan teaching the life cycle of frogs!Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 3.28.59 PM

Frog Freebie

Isn’t it fun to learn about slimy squishy animals? Do your preschoolers or kindergarteners know about the life cycle of one of the squishiest amphibians – the FROG? It’s a quick and easy lesson to teach. There’s a free, froggy resource on Educents – just print the pages and start your lesson.

Ways to use this freebie with a Pre-K or Kinder:

This free resource was created by The Multi Taskin’ Mom and is available to download for free on Educents is the best place to discover new and innovative ways to keep kids excited about learning!

  • Practice handwriting & copywork
  • Reading aloud
  • Sounding out the words
  • Have fun coloring
  • Just print & goFrog Freebie Educents


More frog-themed learning resources:

Do your kiddos LOVE frogs? Check out this animation about the Frog Life Cycle, and find more frog-themed games and lessons for all ages below.

  • All About Frogs Packet – This frog bundle includes an informational slideshow, frog-themed anchor charts, rhyming word printables, number cards, writing organizer, and more (all frog-themed!!)
  • Froggy Self-Control Boardgame – Use your frog markers to move across the board and practice relaxation, self-control, and body behavior in the classroom. Students will distinguish good choices from bad choices as they leap around the board!
  • 3-D Frog Anatomy Notebook Model for Dissection – Use this 3-d paper frog model for a dissection-free frog exploration, a pre-dissection study tool, or even as a summative assessment during comparative anatomy studies!
  • Frog Learning Pack for Middle Schoolers – A frog-eriffic packet of printable notebooking pages, activities, games and more!

Check out more frog-themed resources to integrate into your lessons!

FREE STUFF ALERT! 3 Math Freebies! Perfect for Home Schooling & Tutoring!

Hurry and download these educational freebies before there gone!

  1. FREE Online Math Course for 1 Year by @aplustutorsoft (grades Pre-K to 12th) available on @Educents until 2/11. CLICK HERE
  2.  FREE & fun way to teach inequalities. Use this video by @preptoon. Free on Educents! CLICK HERE
  3. Fraction Bar Freebie by Not Your Mother’s Math Class on @Educents. Download in one click!! CLICK HERE

Have you heard of the Magic School Bus science club?

Well I don’t know how many of you are interested in homeschooling your kids or if the thought has never crossed your mind but I wanted to tell you about the Magic School Bus Science club! Or maybe you’re just looking for something extra to help educate your children. I just love the idea of having science experiments for my children mailed to me each month. The kids love it and now they are available world wide!Science Delivered

Are you looking to add fun, scientific projects to your curriculum? Look no further than your favorite crew of curious adventurers – The Magic School Bus. Magic School Bus Science Club is a monthly subscription service that delivers science experiments for your kids to enjoy.

Also, I just heard some VERY exciting news. For the first time ever, Educents is offering to ship these science kits to kids WORLDWIDE!!

Who’s it for?

A subscription to the Magic School Bus Science Club is a great way to offer children a hands-on science lesson. The experiments included are perfect for children ages 5 to 10, but really, any science-oriented kids will get a blast out of the kit.

What’s included?


  • A large, detailed 12-page manual explaining the topics and each experiment

  • Each manual is based on the popular Magic School Bus books and TV series

  • If you’re an adult with little to NO science background, the kits come with easy instructions for you to follow

  • Materials and information necessary for a range of interactive experiments

  • Online Clubhouse resource is available to your and your child to get further explanation on each kit topic

  • Certificate of Completion — a special congratsBuy Now

What are people saying about the Magic School Bus Science Club?

Parents and teachers are constantly talking about the Magic School Bus Science Club. Jamerrill from Free Homeschool Deals shared a blog post of her kids have a blast with the science kits. Jamerrill says she could “open up a science kit, turn to a lesson page, and jump right into that hand-ons activity. It helps me feel like a ‘fun mom’ because we’re doing a science activity, and I didn’t have the stress or mess of pulling it all together.”


Kids will get so excited when each kit arrives to their door each month. I found this awesome video review by Eric Poor showing off a couple of human body experiments from the Magic School Bus subscription. Look at his face light up with a HUGE smile each time he does an experiment!!

Here’s some more feedback about the Science Kits from Educents shoppers:

“I was not expecting it to be this good.” – Amber W.

” I was really impressed by the hands-on approach of learning, and then having it explained so that a child would understand it. I would highly recommend this!”  – Kelly L.

“I feel this is perfect as a hands-on activity to supplement the worksheets we download from other sellers.” – Sasha B.

How to Get the Science Kits

Educents Magic School Bus Science Club

The Magic School Bus Science Science Kits are available on Educents for a great price. For the first time ever, Educents is offering to ship these kits internationally! The kits are finally available to learners around the world – Australia, Asia, Europe – you name the place and Ms. Frizzle will be there with a science adventure for your child!

Buy Now