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2015may-5-EDITEDMy name is Melissa, I want to take a moment to introduce myself and welcome you to my BLOG. I started this blog to help share my knowledge and enthusiasm for shopping. Shopping is something everyone has to do. Some enjoy shopping more than others. But everyone loves a bargin and most everyone appreciates a good value.

That’s where I come in. This blog will help the shopper save time and money both of which are valuable commodities. I live in Reno NV, with my husband Rob, our daughter Helena, our two Bullies (English Bulldogs) Penelope and Buster, and our cat Sarah, a rescue from the local animal shelter.

 We are a busy, active family. We are always doing something, and having a baby, interacting with other moms and parents has made me realize that I have a real knack for value shopping , which I will define as identifying the best quality purchases on commonly purchased goods for reasonable or even bargain pricing.

I have an extensive depth of knowledge in fitness equipment having spent years in the fitness industry as a professional athlete.

Additionally like most women I have a great interest in beautifying our home and garden and have considerable experience in this too.

Being a pet owner I have a good knowledge of pet products as well.

My husband is a Family Practice Doctor with an interest in alternative medicine and I have attended numerous medical conferences with him related to alternative medicine.

We own a medical grade supplement company, and I do the purchasing as I have great interest in this myself and between my knowledge of fitness and my husband’s knowledge medicine we are in a unique position to guide the interested consumer to better and smarter purchasing

Finally like all parents I want the best for my baby and have a great time value shopping for our baby.

I hope to share some of my experience and expertise with you.


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