Win $100,000 in Prizes


1st Place — Fully Loaded “PoshBox” Complete Sets
1st Place in our leaderboard gets one ANNUAL subscription to PoshBox along with fully loaded care packages from Beachwood, Kashmere, and 310.

30 Random Winners — Kashmere Complete Beauty Set
We’re giving away 30 complete sets of Kashmere to 30 random people based on number of entries!

Top 15 — A Year of PoshBox
Get an annual subscription to PoshBox, 4 boxes once we launch! The top 15 people win. PLUS if you refer someone who wins, they win too!

Top 50 — Beachwood Essentials Complete Set
The top 50 who have the MOST entries will win a Beachwood Essentials complete set!

75 Entries — $10 for 310 Nutrition
Get 75 entries and we’ll give you $10 good for products inside the 310 Nutrition store that are not already discounted!

50 Entries — $10 Beachwood
Get 50 entries, and we’ll send you a $10 Beachwood Essentials promo gift (doesn’t work on already discounted products)!

CLICK HERE to enter!

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Hello, My name is Melissa! Like most other women one of my favorite things to do is shop for a deal and I love to do my homework to find out "which" product is the best at the best price! Here you'll find post of my latest coupon finds, clearance steals, product reviews, free samples and more! Sometimes I'll just find a product that I just love and when I do I'll post that here too and explain why it's such a great find! I'll even be posting links to the best sweepstakes too!

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