*Hot deal alert* Clear Silicon Makeup Sponge Only .37 cents!!!

Clear Silicon Makeup Sponge only .37 cents plus $2.25 shipping. 

I’ve been wanting to try one of these because they got so popular on social media as well as YouTube! Normally they retail between $15 – $20 for this hot new item that makes claims to not waste your expensive foundation and lotions You can wash it before using to actually wash the bacteria off unlike Beauty blinders, old fashion makeup sponges or brushes!

Silicone material, easy to clean Washable: You can wash it when you after use. It’s going to be like a new product.

Comfort: is the will to be massage your face or other position of the body when you use it. Health: It is easy to clean not to hide all bacteria.

Save: The product does not adhere to any makup material. Material: Silicone gel.

Name: Silicone Transparent Jelly Blow Material: Silicone gel. Size: 6.9×3.4×0.8 cm

Color: Clear Makeup Blows 

CLICK HERE To take it manage of that before it’s gone because it won’t last long. I have a feeling the seller is offering it sell my home to help get reviews but that’s just my theory. 


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