Get $10 FREE – Found Money

ebatesI know Ebates has been around for years. If you sign up for an Ebates account you’ll get $10 deposited into your account free just for joining! I’ve always know what it was but never bothered try it. OMG! I actually signed up and gave it a try and it really is awesome! Anytime your planing on making an online purchase just go to the Ebates site first and log in. Use the search box to find the store your going to purchase from then click on it and click the activate button. Once you’ve done this your DONE. Just make your purchase on the site you were planning on shopping on like normal. You do nothing different then money just shows up in your Ebates account. It’s like magic! The reason I say this is because it’s basically free money you weren’t going to get anyway. Making if “found money”. They pay out quarterly so you do have to wait to get your rebate check in the mail but that’s fine with me! I already have $9.60 in my account just from the last 3 days!

CLICK HERE to get your free $10 !

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Hello, My name is Melissa! Like most other women one of my favorite things to do is shop for a deal and I love to do my homework to find out "which" product is the best at the best price! Here you'll find post of my latest coupon finds, clearance steals, product reviews, free samples and more! Sometimes I'll just find a product that I just love and when I do I'll post that here too and explain why it's such a great find! I'll even be posting links to the best sweepstakes too!

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